Friday, April 29, 2011


hi!as you all know I'm taking my workout seriusly ,so that I can get muscular body + my discpline for my own good..=)

For breakfast : Bread + Egg + Milk + Oatmeal + nescafe (this is in my breakfast list,hope you understand what I'm try to say..=) )

For lunch : Bread + chicken /meat/fish + lots of vegetables + fruit

For dinner :Chicken/meat/ fish + 1cup of coffee

Supplement : Creatine + Fat burn + Multivitamin

I want lose fat and gain muscle ,I already get upper body shape done,focusing lower body starting 13 may 2011.After I finish my final exam I will start my training back,for now I just focusing on what I eat.I Should make it clear in my mind ,how important is getting healthy food in my stomach so that I can gain muscle plus my strength in the same time!Believe it or not what you eat is the most purpose in body building.If you want to get in shape start planning with what you eat! and then your routine workout..insyallah you will get what you want with your own hard working..=)

Mood: STudying + doing my best for my FInal EXAM
Action:LIfe as a STUDENT is really challenging,I will Do the BEST!