Friday, May 31, 2013



     Vitamin A play big role in vision, eyes need vitamin A to get healthy vision system. Without balance vitamin A in your body will cause damage to eyes and blindness. I have been doing research through the web get notice that major cause of blindness in the world caused by lack of vitamin A .So make sure you really consume vitamin A as you should.People always get vitamin C in balance but when come to others vitamin such as  A,D,E ,K they won’t take serious(start taking  serious for every vitamin)  .Vitamin A also important for the immune system ,skin  and membrance cells to stay healthy. I also found that vitamin A can fight cancer.Dont over consume vitamin A because it will bring Keratomalacia (degeneration of the cornea).Google it for more info about the disease.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


As you all know breakfast is the most important part of healthy lifestyle, so make sure consume nutrition balance breakfast. Good balance breakfast is 30 % of protein, 60 % carbohydrate and 10% of fat. Why breakfast so important? when you have breakfast meal ,you had trigger your metabolism to high and it will make sure your body system to never kept fats(transferring what you eat to energy sources and voila no fat stored ).Protein sources you can get from eggs, meat, chicken and protein powder. For the best carbohydrate, consume oat meal or pasta(less processed carbs easy to digest, don’t consume to many high processed carbs) .Also remember that complex carbohydrate better than simple carbohydrate. Fats sources you can get from olive oil or fish oil(if you use olive oil ,never cook with olive oil because it will destroy the chemical structure and can active to cancer).So make sure you pour it up and mix it with your food.If you want to stay healthy and want to growth big muscle ,make sure you get up earlier + prepare your breakfast +eat your breakfast like a BOSS!Simple Breakfast (this is for everyone that want to stay healthy for bodybuilder make sure add more portion for each protein,carbs and fats):-

  •     2cup Oatmeal
  •    2 egg white scramble(make sure only take 1 yolks don’t ever consume to many yolks because high  in cholesterol)
  •   1 banana
  •   2 glass water 
  •   2spoon of olive oils or 1 tablet of fish oil

Monday, May 27, 2013




   When I hit the gym ,I always see basic mistake that will be done by people .Sometime I approach them and let them know and sometime I won’t because they (Doing like A PRO).I don’t want you to be the person that always  acting like a pro but you not at all. So basic mistake that you will do, never stretch before workout and end up get serious injured so do the stretching for 15 minutes or more, because good stretching help to growth your muscle too. Secondly, you don’t have your tracking plan that will lead you to failure. Without workout tracking plan, how do you know that you doing better than yesterday??So have your own tracking plan to get bigger result. Thirdly ,stick to the same workout plan.Dont ever stick to workout plan for so long ,because your muscle wont growth as body familiar with the stress you get from  the workout and you will not any result when that happen. So make sure change the workout plan every week.foutrthly, you don’t push enough and stick to comfort zone until end. You can’t stay on comfort zone when you want to growth your muscle .Push harder when you want to give up at last rep, don’t give up on that rep because on the last rep you will get result (the reps that you couldn’t push over that’s when your muscle tissue torn and get big when you consume good protein sources). Lastly, setting unrealistic goal, don’t aim high on first starting point.Make a small goal and follow thru to big goal that you set. Trust me many people face failure when they set they goal higher (slowly to the higher goal).Thanks for reading, let the mistake that we done past wont happen again.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


     They are too many diet plan that you can get nowdays, so which is the best diet plan that work for you? How do you know which is good for you? Dont just ask nutrition planner and follow thru until end. What you should do is follow the diet plan given and see the result ,track it so that you know whether its work for you or not. If the diet don’t work for your body, change the diet plan .When you get the diet plan that work for you stick to it  to get bigger result. You won’t see result in short term when you following any diet plan, so make sure you spend at least 1 month  to see the transformation.

    Firstly you should start with people that inspire you and motivate you so that you won’t give up in following the diet plan. Without motivation it’s not easy to follow thru every  day, so make sure you get closer to the people that motivate you. Ask them to help track your diet plan calories and meals that you consume each day. Get connected with good recipes  ,I mean the recipes that don’t add extra sugar ,sodium, oil and fats. Let’s talk about portion of food that you should consume, if you planning to lose weight make sure you eat 5 meals per day with small portion, don’t add extra carbohydrate and drink lot of water (consume 3 or 4 liters everyday).For the person that want to gain weight make sure to consume 5 or 6 meals with big portion, add extra carbohydrate to the menu and don’t forget to drink 3 or 4 liters water every day.

      It’s simple for you to create your own diet plan when you know the benefits of each foods .For example  ,orange  rich in vitamin C .You should consume  2 oranges to get nutrition in your body system everyday .When you know the benefits of foods like I mention , you can change  to variety foods and stick to the nutrition balance every day .

      Don’t ever take fast food in your life !(that’s what I love to say but not easy to get you in it rite ,so see the mirror and say that’s how I look like when consuming fast food!!no thanks).Fast food had been problem for us since day 1  we attend primary school.Fast food such as  burger is the best and famous in Malaysia when I’m young, now burger “bakar” is the famous. 

      How we gone eat healthy food when you surrounded with fast food and junk foods??Mind set!!yes mind set!!change your mind set and stay focus on your diet plan ,what people say is not important ,the most important part what you think about it ,What will happen when you consume to many fast food and junk food? Obesity that’s what! The famous health problem leading in hold world. So make sure you never regret with what you do and give the best you can to get the best for you and the world. I know that’s not easy to follow every meal, but remember that with these proper meals your body and mind will be healthier. 

 If you want free diet plan, leave your email at the comment below or you can email me at to get it for free ,thank you .

Easy Steps :-

  •          Set goal
  •         Make diet plan
  •        Track down every week
  •        Do it again and again and stick to it if its work for you!

Look yourself in  the mirror and ask yourself what you want to be, don’t ever compare to other, always compare yourself!!