Saturday, November 20, 2010

jessie j -do it like a dude!huhu

hey now 7.07 am...enjoying my Youtube clips + My facebook = I found something interesting..jessie j lyrics..I know u know about her song call do it like a dude,but do you have watch the music video???If You did that;s good but if didn't go see at youtube First then read what I'm saying..;)

Sugar sugar sugar

Boys, come say what you wanna
Boys, you need to lick my dollar
Boys, gettin' hot under the collar
Holla holla woah

I can do it like a brother
Do it like a dude
Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you

We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem
We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem
Sugar sugar sugar
We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem
We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem
Sugar sugar sugar

Do it, do it like a dude
Do it, do it low like you
Do it, do it like a dude
Do it, do it like a dude

How can you do it like a brother You not a male..I know this is only a song ..You know what I mean for...better watch the video dress+ dance= Funny for me!huhuhu

MoOd :waitin for mY nasi lemak n teh tarik
Action:trying to sleep..+)

Love story PaRt 3

Sorry for not updating my bLog about 'Love Story did him go meet the girl or no??do you know? don't know but I know..this is how it goes..;)

that day he went to meet the girl as what it writen in his faith..He beside Mcd doll..waiting half and hour ..he get a drink and wait until she's appear ...already 1 p.m but still can't see her..disappointed ..time to walk away.. waala!!she in front of me..what a surprise I get..her smile make me forget evrything ..only I can see she and me holding hand and run together ..Knock2!Stop come to real world back..I get another note from her 'sorry I came late I juz miss my bus it took hour to get another bus to here''s ok ..ops did she know what I'm I ask for her notepad to write back to her..'it's ok ,as long you arrive =)'..and we start communicate using her notepad 'I can understand what you talking '..that's surprise me how should she can understand but she's mute??I ask her and she pass her notepad to me back'before this I can talk after involved in a car accident,since that I can't talk'..deep in my heart I fell how lucky I'm now..
She:don't you wanna know my name??(notepad)
Me: Sorry 2!can I know now?(shy + null)
She:Diana fazirah ,yoU?
Me:muhammad ariff,call me ariff.shall we?
Diana:nice name..=)
Me:shall we..
diana smiling while walking inside the mcd..after we get a sit..

Me: what do you want to eat ?
Diana:Big Mac ,no sauce(notepad)
Me ok =)
she order same as me and you what surprise me diana don't like sauce as I do..(when Comes to LOVE everything gonna same at least one..belive it!=P
Diana: are you doing this because of me?(notepad)
Diana: eating exactly what I eat big mac + no sauce!(notepad)
Me:No ,ask my friend if you don't belive me!
Diana:Gotta you ,I'm juz kiddin..huhu;D
Me:fuhh ..I thought u gonna eat me life,ur face totally serius ,you know that..;)
Diana:I know ,I always get my friends using that trick..=)
laugh and laugh..=D

Me: So what are you doing now?studying or ?
Diana: Now I 'm attending mute class to get to communicate with others,before this I should finish my degree at Unikl but I quit after the accident...
Me:Sorry For that..
Diana:Don't say sorry or fell pity about it ..I'm fine with ,this is my faith so I should accept it ..
Me: act(smile)..I noticed that You always bring your drawing block,can I see your drawing?
Diana: yeah why not( she passing her drawing block to me)

wow she is a good painter!every drawing that I see look real...I wish I can draw like her..=)
one thing that's surprise potrait in her block!!I look at her..
Diana:She watch me shyly and with her sweet smile..=)
Me:Do you know me before this??
Diana: I (her cell phone ring and she anwser it)
and a while..she wrote own her notepad..I had to go now,this my number please contact me back I will wait for your call..keep this note safetly..I did not know what to say ..
Me:take care..=)
she smiling and walking away ...and..disappear...

To be continue.. (sorry about the telephone call diana use Iphone4,She communicate with her hand using video call)

MooD:I'm a real writer not copy pasting..=P

Friday, November 19, 2010

Exam Over TIme TO FREEDOM For 1month!

Already finish my last paper,another semester I'm Waiting!=)
time to get a good sleep !
Tommorow is a day that I'm waiting..learning new things to improve my knowledge and skills,I have 1 month to prove something to myself that I can Do it!
First step For everything .

Don't think everything comes at once,wait for awhile and u will get it..times always plays around until we never get to catch the start push hard!get damnt Fit For everything and set it up to get everything you want in ur hand...;)

MooD: Sleepy + I wanna Be a writer!!
Action: Mp3 (sofaz songs)+raining =zzzZZ

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Advice 1

One way straight to gun shoot!don't ever choose wrong way that's the way to hell is not time to play around..hit ur head to make a clear view !u know what I'm saying don't hope for nothing !let the hope in ur hand like ur controling everything,brain never give damn about U ,unless u do !do what ever to get on the line start with praying and do the best to get through the problem ..don't sit around and blame others!give chance to urself to get through all this,YOURSELF know better then others...start packing everything that make ur life worst throw it away make it disapper..that's day i will come to u and say ..'I do everything special for u,look at me now! ,u my only one that I will be together in this earth '...'If I'm wrong ..Staring today I will ride my own Life without nothing on my hand..shall I !!make it look like everything ok..

MooD:Energy Pil On other hand
Action:Free advice

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Happen agaiN

why its me been choosen to had this big deal?promise that I gave everything and will broken again,not again !but it will happen again what wrong did I did...this will happening in my lIfe without stoping ,not giving damn about my side...only u are the right !blame and blame that's it!stop Talking to me and go away from me...please take it away ,Live for onCe I don't want to waste it anymore..(when It come to broken english or grammar error we change it but do u know the truth word come from ur heart,when u change it...that's not the word u saying anymore...The Good thing happen to me when its gone then I realize how important the day is gone forever...nothing can changes it...

MoOd:talking to myself

Thursday, November 4, 2010

LoVe Story Part 2

My key to happines is in her 'hand'now, as Usually my life: I get up from my bed + ate my breakfast (of course lie) + get my shower = Ready For My New Day ..=)
Love Story Part 2 begun ....
I start everything with my heart, That's me ...;)
7am, I start my workout at Tasik Titiwangsa .. fresh morning air is hard to get! only see oldies doing 'YOGA' and 'TAI CHI'..After I finish my work out,as usually I will sit near the lake and have good air..times up!
BusTop is my first place to go when I went out..bad luck ,I don't see her ..get back home ,HANDPHONE RINGTONE: oh oh oh..she starin at me,Im sittin,wonderin what she's thinkin...

Me :yup.
Neyo :kat mn?
Me :kl
Neyo :free x nk mintk tolong belikan laptop,kat low yat?
Me :no problem, I meet u there!
Neyo :terima kasih kawan adios.tuut..

I take putra and switch to another train at kl sentral,went I arrive I already see my friend Neyo ..start searching good laptop for him,Finally I found it ..everything change...suddenly my heart beats fast!..wondering what happening to me??..I act like everything is under control..stop thinking about my problem and help my friend get his new notebook..after gettin him the new notebook,neyo had to back ..I have nothing to do if I go home earlier so I plan to hang out at sungai wang...while sitting,i turn my mp3 on...can see people neglected around me(u can laugh on ur own when seeing them) ..suddenly I can feel my heart beats fast again ! I thaught it will never happen to me again,but now Its starting again..what make feel me fell like this?Do I have heart disease?(keep askin on my own) of my heart is speeding up again ,belive it or not I should say that I seeing her beside I know why my hearts beats like that..=)

She saw me starin at her ,her smile get to me again..

Me :Hi..=)
She: still smiling ..
Me :how are you?
She:still smiling..

nothing then smile..i ask myself(do i look funny to her)..someone come near me,her friend ..i was shocked..when they communicate using their are hand...she can't talk that's why she always smile when talk to her..before she leave she gave me a note......I falling love with the girl that can't talk..

Meet me at Mcd Sungai wang ,11am 8.11.2010

Miracle happen when it come for 'LOVE'

to be continue...

Mood :Starving
ActIon:searching for FooD while eating my friend chicken chop..=D