Monday, December 27, 2010

Time to Growth !

Hi ,the moment I waiting for this new year had come.1st think I wanna get had arrived at my house.I'm saying about my protein,before this I build my muscle without any protein ,now I can do my workout using my protein..I hope It work and give a good think to me,juz wait and see..=)

MoOD:pullups is my start!
Action:Doing the best I can for everything..=)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My day 26 Nov 2010

hi!I can't do anything without limitied connectivity broadband,I told my younger sister don't open YOUTUBE!!and she won't listen now because of her I can't Blog + Facebook+my study +my email.It's takes half an hour to open my facebook,for my blog..arghh!!I can't see my chat box until I refresh 15 times and wait for it...can't read others post +can't open new tab and only can open 1page!!
But what to do??the more you say the more they do rite?

I will read every blog entry after I pay the broadband bills ..for now I only can write +write ..
For this week Its really pack I should get ready for my next sem ,I'm taking OOP (object oriented programing) subject.For your information(FYI) ,I had transfer my PCP(Principle Of Programing)..this is the basic java programing.The things is I had transfer my basic subject and go for the tough one for next sem,without basic I have no idea how to do the project for the subject..I never take java programing since in certificate because I have been taken IT course so most of my subject is focusing in hardware stuff,but now I'm doing networking engneering system .Most of my subject is using coding..I hate coding because I can't see what I'm doing until my coding is finish or your system is done but I should be used to it now .Learning new things is the best !When you get to know more,then you will get your brain in normal condition..;)

MooD:Teh tarik + nutella =nyum2!
Action:Watching Movie while riding=)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tudung Diwajibkan Dalam Islam

Assalamualaikum,I start reading Oh Islam site,and I found this really make me intersting to read.What I see 90% of muslim girl wearing this tudung nowdays and I don't whether they know about this.So I like to share it to all muslim girl out there beware!

Hadis nabi.'barangsiapa yang meniru sesuatu kaum ,maka ia termasuk dari kalangan mereka'-Riwayat Abu Daud

Monday, December 20, 2010

Facing everything for the new YEAR 2011

♪♫•*¨*•.¸And I just can't keep living this way
So starting today, I'm breaking out of this cage
I'm standing up, Im face my demons
I'm manning up, Imma hold my ground
I've had enough, now I'm so fed up
Time to put my life back together right now
I shoot for the moon
It was my decision to get clean, I did it for me
Admittedly I probably did it subliminally for you
So I could come back a brand new me, you helped see me through.•*¨*•♫♪

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Workout 11 days moRe

hi!can't sleep so I start to write,my feeling today is normal and I'm acting normal..What I did yestrday= I get up at 8.ooam ,brush my teeth and get my shower .Now I ready to go for my day without nothing..I start playing my dumbell,until I 1.00pm...after I finish my exercise ,getting my lunch nasi briyani + nasi briyani = 2plate..I ate my sister briyani too,feel guilty! =0
I'm getting my muscle done the problem is now I'm eating to much until I can't stop!After I do mY workout ,I will eat a lot..until I can't see a food at the kitchen then I stop eating..My goal can't be done until I didn't stop control my food ..If you want to get your shoulder and chest be done it's easy but for get your six's really tough without controling sugar+salt!I'm doing sit up but until now no changes I can see...using dumbell you can do your hold body workout but for me equipment that use in a gym can give more impact to your muscle and much easier to get your muscle done.I have 11days more to get this I start by stop taking my coffe drink+rice+meat and only vegetables + fruit + egg +chicken can help me to get this workout done!Today is my first day following this step ,I start focusing on my abs for my shoulder and chest I already finish ..I can't wait to get my workout at the gym with my friends..=)

Mood :Workout!
Action: Morning air can make you smile..=)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

STORY:SHE NeeD HELP where were YOU ?

We never know when we will do wrong in something..It's happen to us in our LIFE...someone push her in a dark until she start acting as a DEVIL..when she finish killing the person ,she walk out from the DARK place that starting to scaring a second she realize her handcuffs and taking her to prison ...she is only 19 and suppose to be in college not at the DARK place....
In prison she only cry and waiting for HOPE ...her parents blame her for what happen to her..lost HOPE and try to kill herself...but she safe,and she starting to talk and make friends...during the day she realize she found new family that always support her...She said to me ,'I can smile now, can I stay Here Until mY rest of my LIFE'...The place that scared her to death make a good comfort to her now...
As a parent's you should know how important your support to her,Don't give up to your own daughter and yourself!(The Truth Is she been used in the DARK That why she kill the person )...
Don't walk away when they need your HELP,Do your BEST to make them feel SAFE!

Mood :feel like 'I'am lucky '
Action:Reading The truth story of a person until I notice that I'm not sleeping for 1day..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Forgiveness Is The Key

Listen to someone that we hate ,can't be right?because you hate that person so much until you
blacklist them in you heart ,starting that time You will look them as a DEVIl.Since then what they talk to you everything seems their a fault.

Try Open back your blacklist in your heart into green list,You will find something amazing!What they are saying is rite and you will notice that.When you realize that situation it will be to late or if your lucky,you had chance to improve yourself by using they advice..

Everyone In this World make mistake ,Don't say that you prefect!Don't live in the world of PREFECTION,Because you creating your own world that will destroy you!

Forgiveness is important in our LIFE.Don't blame them what they did to you when they Apologize to you.Accept they are aplogize and start listening what they are saying.You think they are enemy but what does you guess is wrong??

Please apologize to each other starting now..When you start forgiving someone ,you will feel something beautiful inside and your outcome will shine like STAR..SMILE=)

MooD :Feel like something should be done.null
Action:Drinking Tropicana Twister + Thinking

Friday, December 3, 2010

CameROn Highlands Trip..Enjoy It!

My sister get back to kl..without her now I can't get connection with world wide Web juz for this month went I get back To Uni,I will get everything..;)
For My holiday I went To cameron higlands,I was surprise with the place tottaly change,because of the illegal logging!Before this the place are very cool now its not like the first day I came...

Orkid Farm!

With My Mom!

My Mom ,Sis N Me at Orkid Farm!

Bee Farm!

FresH TomaTo!

Nice View..;)

Cactus Farm!I get mY new cactus For my RooM.

Nice Posing dear!huhu..=D

AcTion: Facebuku ..=)
MooD: Body Building+ eating meat without stoping!= Pushup!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

jessie j -do it like a dude!huhu

hey now 7.07 am...enjoying my Youtube clips + My facebook = I found something interesting..jessie j lyrics..I know u know about her song call do it like a dude,but do you have watch the music video???If You did that;s good but if didn't go see at youtube First then read what I'm saying..;)

Sugar sugar sugar

Boys, come say what you wanna
Boys, you need to lick my dollar
Boys, gettin' hot under the collar
Holla holla woah

I can do it like a brother
Do it like a dude
Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you

We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem
We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem
Sugar sugar sugar
We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem
We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem
Sugar sugar sugar

Do it, do it like a dude
Do it, do it low like you
Do it, do it like a dude
Do it, do it like a dude

How can you do it like a brother You not a male..I know this is only a song ..You know what I mean for...better watch the video dress+ dance= Funny for me!huhuhu

MoOd :waitin for mY nasi lemak n teh tarik
Action:trying to sleep..+)

Love story PaRt 3

Sorry for not updating my bLog about 'Love Story did him go meet the girl or no??do you know? don't know but I know..this is how it goes..;)

that day he went to meet the girl as what it writen in his faith..He beside Mcd doll..waiting half and hour ..he get a drink and wait until she's appear ...already 1 p.m but still can't see her..disappointed ..time to walk away.. waala!!she in front of me..what a surprise I get..her smile make me forget evrything ..only I can see she and me holding hand and run together ..Knock2!Stop come to real world back..I get another note from her 'sorry I came late I juz miss my bus it took hour to get another bus to here''s ok ..ops did she know what I'm I ask for her notepad to write back to her..'it's ok ,as long you arrive =)'..and we start communicate using her notepad 'I can understand what you talking '..that's surprise me how should she can understand but she's mute??I ask her and she pass her notepad to me back'before this I can talk after involved in a car accident,since that I can't talk'..deep in my heart I fell how lucky I'm now..
She:don't you wanna know my name??(notepad)
Me: Sorry 2!can I know now?(shy + null)
She:Diana fazirah ,yoU?
Me:muhammad ariff,call me ariff.shall we?
Diana:nice name..=)
Me:shall we..
diana smiling while walking inside the mcd..after we get a sit..

Me: what do you want to eat ?
Diana:Big Mac ,no sauce(notepad)
Me ok =)
she order same as me and you what surprise me diana don't like sauce as I do..(when Comes to LOVE everything gonna same at least one..belive it!=P
Diana: are you doing this because of me?(notepad)
Diana: eating exactly what I eat big mac + no sauce!(notepad)
Me:No ,ask my friend if you don't belive me!
Diana:Gotta you ,I'm juz kiddin..huhu;D
Me:fuhh ..I thought u gonna eat me life,ur face totally serius ,you know that..;)
Diana:I know ,I always get my friends using that trick..=)
laugh and laugh..=D

Me: So what are you doing now?studying or ?
Diana: Now I 'm attending mute class to get to communicate with others,before this I should finish my degree at Unikl but I quit after the accident...
Me:Sorry For that..
Diana:Don't say sorry or fell pity about it ..I'm fine with ,this is my faith so I should accept it ..
Me: act(smile)..I noticed that You always bring your drawing block,can I see your drawing?
Diana: yeah why not( she passing her drawing block to me)

wow she is a good painter!every drawing that I see look real...I wish I can draw like her..=)
one thing that's surprise potrait in her block!!I look at her..
Diana:She watch me shyly and with her sweet smile..=)
Me:Do you know me before this??
Diana: I (her cell phone ring and she anwser it)
and a while..she wrote own her notepad..I had to go now,this my number please contact me back I will wait for your call..keep this note safetly..I did not know what to say ..
Me:take care..=)
she smiling and walking away ...and..disappear...

To be continue.. (sorry about the telephone call diana use Iphone4,She communicate with her hand using video call)

MooD:I'm a real writer not copy pasting..=P

Friday, November 19, 2010

Exam Over TIme TO FREEDOM For 1month!

Already finish my last paper,another semester I'm Waiting!=)
time to get a good sleep !
Tommorow is a day that I'm waiting..learning new things to improve my knowledge and skills,I have 1 month to prove something to myself that I can Do it!
First step For everything .

Don't think everything comes at once,wait for awhile and u will get it..times always plays around until we never get to catch the start push hard!get damnt Fit For everything and set it up to get everything you want in ur hand...;)

MooD: Sleepy + I wanna Be a writer!!
Action: Mp3 (sofaz songs)+raining =zzzZZ

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Advice 1

One way straight to gun shoot!don't ever choose wrong way that's the way to hell is not time to play around..hit ur head to make a clear view !u know what I'm saying don't hope for nothing !let the hope in ur hand like ur controling everything,brain never give damn about U ,unless u do !do what ever to get on the line start with praying and do the best to get through the problem ..don't sit around and blame others!give chance to urself to get through all this,YOURSELF know better then others...start packing everything that make ur life worst throw it away make it disapper..that's day i will come to u and say ..'I do everything special for u,look at me now! ,u my only one that I will be together in this earth '...'If I'm wrong ..Staring today I will ride my own Life without nothing on my hand..shall I !!make it look like everything ok..

MooD:Energy Pil On other hand
Action:Free advice

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Happen agaiN

why its me been choosen to had this big deal?promise that I gave everything and will broken again,not again !but it will happen again what wrong did I did...this will happening in my lIfe without stoping ,not giving damn about my side...only u are the right !blame and blame that's it!stop Talking to me and go away from me...please take it away ,Live for onCe I don't want to waste it anymore..(when It come to broken english or grammar error we change it but do u know the truth word come from ur heart,when u change it...that's not the word u saying anymore...The Good thing happen to me when its gone then I realize how important the day is gone forever...nothing can changes it...

MoOd:talking to myself

Thursday, November 4, 2010

LoVe Story Part 2

My key to happines is in her 'hand'now, as Usually my life: I get up from my bed + ate my breakfast (of course lie) + get my shower = Ready For My New Day ..=)
Love Story Part 2 begun ....
I start everything with my heart, That's me ...;)
7am, I start my workout at Tasik Titiwangsa .. fresh morning air is hard to get! only see oldies doing 'YOGA' and 'TAI CHI'..After I finish my work out,as usually I will sit near the lake and have good air..times up!
BusTop is my first place to go when I went out..bad luck ,I don't see her ..get back home ,HANDPHONE RINGTONE: oh oh oh..she starin at me,Im sittin,wonderin what she's thinkin...

Me :yup.
Neyo :kat mn?
Me :kl
Neyo :free x nk mintk tolong belikan laptop,kat low yat?
Me :no problem, I meet u there!
Neyo :terima kasih kawan adios.tuut..

I take putra and switch to another train at kl sentral,went I arrive I already see my friend Neyo ..start searching good laptop for him,Finally I found it ..everything change...suddenly my heart beats fast!..wondering what happening to me??..I act like everything is under control..stop thinking about my problem and help my friend get his new notebook..after gettin him the new notebook,neyo had to back ..I have nothing to do if I go home earlier so I plan to hang out at sungai wang...while sitting,i turn my mp3 on...can see people neglected around me(u can laugh on ur own when seeing them) ..suddenly I can feel my heart beats fast again ! I thaught it will never happen to me again,but now Its starting again..what make feel me fell like this?Do I have heart disease?(keep askin on my own) of my heart is speeding up again ,belive it or not I should say that I seeing her beside I know why my hearts beats like that..=)

She saw me starin at her ,her smile get to me again..

Me :Hi..=)
She: still smiling ..
Me :how are you?
She:still smiling..

nothing then smile..i ask myself(do i look funny to her)..someone come near me,her friend ..i was shocked..when they communicate using their are hand...she can't talk that's why she always smile when talk to her..before she leave she gave me a note......I falling love with the girl that can't talk..

Meet me at Mcd Sungai wang ,11am 8.11.2010

Miracle happen when it come for 'LOVE'

to be continue...

Mood :Starving
ActIon:searching for FooD while eating my friend chicken chop..=D

Friday, October 22, 2010

LOve Story

hi,today I don't have class but I came early to meet my friend.My reason to meet him is to get fitness pro,protein as u all know I getting serius in my bodybuilding..but I could't get the protein today,I should wait until this monday...

I'm sitting in library without any direction....1st of all I open my facebook ..nothing they that make me interesting today...but what make me intersting today is my friend beside me...He have test today but still playing facebook,he don't know how important education to him but what to do??His life not mine rite..asa friend I only can advice him..=D (aku pn 2x5 je .)..thingking what should I write..hurm...How about love story??let my hEart do everythin..=)

Watching someone near bangsar bustop,I do wonder she already have a boyfriend or not??When I look at her I can't stop my eye from watching her..She walk away from the bustop when someone came to her and stir her...I miss my beauty queen today because of the stranger!!My bus arrived shortly after the incident,watching her in the bus while she walking..even she disappear from my view ,I'm still thinking about her! Do I have chance to see her again??
The next day I saw her again lucky day!I sat beside her,she never realise my exist..I pretending like I'm not watching her,suddenly my eyes watch at the same time she turn to me too with a smile..=)
I love her smile...I never forget that smile,every time I think her..I will smile..=))

LOve chanGes Our View,
LOvE can maKe everything Change In A Second,
Cry ,lAugh ,everything came from your Heart,
Stop loving Like Stop breathing,
Open Your Heart wiTh Full of Colour,
Make it Colourful Always..

To be cOntinue.....

If my grammar is not good please let me know,I LOve to learn..;)

Mood :Writer
Action: Writing With smIle...=)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Done my CCNA assigment

Hi,finish done my CCNA assigment 4.26 am,I have to prepare for my class early in the morning.No time to sleep ,Busy liFE make me strong..positif thinking!

Action:sHort story bout me..huhu=D

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday LifE

hi ,six month I never seen my friend 'mat'.Today I get call from him(conversation) :

Mat: Roy ade mana?

Me:Ade hostel ,xuat pe?

Mat:dah lama x jumpa ,jom kuar,kak hana pn ade?


Mat:aku dtg ambik ko.


15 minit later he already came to take me ,we hang out at mamak stall at jalan telawi.I start remember all the crazy stuff that we done together..=)
Old memories come quickly in my mind ,I thought I'm still studying with him..but I realize it's all end already. He working at the same place where we done our WBL.Everything going according to the plan.Insyallah everything is gone be ok..

MoOd: Never Stop Smiling
Action:eating cak keow tiao basah ,drinking teh tarik while writing

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Assigment WEEK

sleep late again,WHAT TO DO?
That's how student life ..+D

Preparing Slide Show for my Data Communication.After done the slide show I continue with Pengajian Islam assigment.I used to miss my learning life,but now it make me sick!I need time to break...

GYM + CLASS + STUDY + ASSIGMENT + PRESENTATION = LAST FOR ALL 'fInAL eXaM' and then beach party!!!=D

MOod : Focus + stir shah(huhu..=D )
Action:watchin mUsic video while doing my assigment

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My chinA MobiLe Is BaCk

I left my blog quiet for so long ,when I get to on9..I only open my facebook and my email.=0

As I always mention to you all ,I like to write and never stop writing until now.Trying to get my own diary ,but not now..kind of busy with my final exam +project..after that I free !!=D
What should I write ???My life..;)

I already Fix my china mobile !!!=)
that's means I can start hearing song when someone call me,although unusual for you all for me Its important..;) (life without music is boring.)..
Can't wait For my New ....... Transform??? wait and see..=)

MooD : happy + Trying to solve everything
Action: memorize mandarin

Saturday, September 25, 2010

MandariN OH Mandarin

I have only 5weeks for my final exam start,so much to do to make it PERFECT!I done many things to archive my goal,sometimes I could't give the best for my life..
Can't stop thinking about my future,praying always make me calm ...=)
I have 4assigment to complete:

-Data Communication

I should think about my final exam starting now but I can't cuz my assigmnet not yet dONE!
I Have TIme But I don't have my notebook.....

Action:Stop breathing while writing

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Iedul Fitri Minal Aidzin wal Faidzin

SelAmat Hari RAya AidilFiTri
MaaF Zahir & BAtin

TO my family and ,my School Buddy ,College Hulu Selangor,College Sabak bernam ,UniKL ,WBL Brilliance Information and to all the people I know or not..

I apologize for all the wrongs.Good Intention or not ,big and small ,who still remember or have forgotten. Forgive my sins, may our hearts purified from all mistakes


(Sori Xdpt nk edit pic.huhu =D )

Mood:Happy +RAYA!!
Action:writing without knowing the titles

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sharing WHat I think you Should know

hi I like to share what I get from the internet for this fasting month ..=)

10 Famous Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

There is a wide gap between the lives of Muslims today and the lives of the first generation of Muslims. Many of those who study Islam know more about the lives of scholars than they do about the Sahaba and the rightly-guided Caliphs, even though the era of the rightly-guided Caliphs offers all Muslims a rich source of knowledge about all the Islamic sciences. The Sahaba laid the foundations of a strong Islamic nation. The Companions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saas) are some of Islam’s greatest heroes and played a great role in the history of Islam. Their struggles for the sake of Allah and their complete devotion to Islam are examples that all Muslims can feel inspired by and inshaAllah, emulate.

May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon His final Prophet and his noble Companions. These short descriptions of the lives and merits of these Companions hardly do them any justice. It is highly recommended that each Muslim do some further investigation by reading biographies of the Companions. Here are some facts about only a few of the Prophet’s Companions.

Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq: Abu Bakr was the Prophet’s (saas) best friend, and the first rightly-guided Caliph. He was the only person, other than the Prophet’s wife (Khadijah), who accepted Islam immediately and believed in Muhammad from Islam’s earliest beginnings. Abu Bakr always remained at the Prophet’s side, and he had no reservations about spending his wealth for the sake of Islam and the Muslims. He belonged to a wealthy, well-established family in Mecca, but when he died he had only six hundred dirhams. He used his status in Mecca to protect new converts to Islam when the Quraish were oppressing Muslims. The Companions recognized his superiority, yet he always remained humble and sincere towards all. He is an example of dedication and sacrifice.

Umar Ibn Al-Khattab: ‘Umar was the second Caliph of Islam and one of the closest Companions to the Prophet (saas). He was so firm in his practice of Islam that he usually could sense what was right or wrong before the Prophet (saas) had informed others of it. He used to say to his friends: “If a mule stumbles near the Euphrates River, I fear being questioned by Allah as to why I had not paved the road for it.” ‘Umar is the greatest examples of a just ruler. Before he converted, ‘Umar was a bitter enemy of Islam, but when he entered the fold, the Muslims felt strong enough to withstand any oppression, and began worshipping Allah openly. The Prophet (saas) said of ‘Umar: “Among the Children of Israel who lived before you, there were men who used to be inspired with guidance though they were not Prophets, and if there were any such person amongst my followers, it would be ‘Umar.”

Uthman bin ‘Affan: Uthman accepted Islam in its early beginnings. From the first moment he became a Muslim, Uthman used all his wealth to serve the cause of Islam. He spent most of his resources to satisfy the needs of poor Muslims. Other than Abu Bakr, none of the Prophet’s Companions could surpass him in his financial support of Islam. Uthman was the third rightly-guided Caliph. One of the great accomplishments of his rule was the collection of the Qur’an. Uthman was so distinctively modest that the Prophet (saas) said: “The angels feel shy when they see Uthman.

Ali Ibn Abi Talib: Ali was one of the earliest believers, the first boy to embrace Islam at only twelve years of age, and the fourth Caliph. He lived in the Prophet’s (saas) house and imitated him in all that he did, living a humble life. Ali was especially heroic in the battles he fought for the cause of Islam, earning the nickname “the Lion of Allah”. Ali married the Prophet’s daughter, Fatimah, and they lived a happily together even though they were poor. Allah praised them in the Qur’an for their self-denial. One day, they were having their meal of dry bread, and a beggar knocked on the door. They gave him the dry bread and stayed hungry, because they preferred to satisfy Allah by feeding the beggar

Suhaib ar-Roomi: Suhaib was a slave as a child, taken as a prisoner of war by the Roman army when he was very young. He was taken to Mecca and sold to a noble man who later set him free. Suhaib became a trader and amassed wealth over the following years. He was one of the early believers who embraced Islam when he listened to one of the Prophet’s (saas) lectures. He tried to keep his faith secret, but the pagans tortured him because he was not affiliated with a powerful tribe in Mecca. When Suhaib migrated to Medina, the Quraish told him to surrender all of his wealth and property, or they would detain him. Suhaib left all his wealth and property behind for the sake of Islam. When he told the Prophet (saas) of the deal he made with Quraish to escape, the Prophet said to him twice: “O Suhaib! It was a profitable deal.” He defended the Prophet (saas) in battle, even shielding him with his own body against arrows.

Jabir bin Abdullah: Jabir embraced Islam when he was a young boy. Jabir was orphaned when he found his father’s body mutilated by the pagans at the battle of Uhud. Jabir’s father was a martyr, but he was left with a large debt and seven sisters to care for. Jabir was supported by the Prophet (saas) and his Companions. He sacrificed his happiness for the welfare of his seven sisters. Instead of marrying a virgin, he married an experienced widow who would be more capable of taking care of his sisters. He loved the Prophet (saas) dearly and kept close to him. He was always repeating that the Prophet (saas) taught him that smiling to a brother was a good deed for which a believer would be rewarded by Allah. Although he was extremely poor, he sacrificed the little food he had to the Prophet (saas) who was tying two stones to his stomach to overcome his hunger. As a result, Jabir’s house was blessed, thanks to prayers made by the Prophet (saas). Jabir fought in many battles against the enemies of Islam, and was a dedicated Muslim for the rest of his life.

‘Amr bin Al-‘Aas: ‘Amr bin Al-‘Aas was one of the greatest enemies of Islam before his conversion. He used all of his resources and skills to thwart the efforts of Muhammad (saas) and his Companions. However, he was an intelligent man, and embraced Islam. After submitting himself to Allah, ‘Amr became one of Islam’s greatest heroes. Prophet Muhammad (saas) showed his full trust in ‘Amr’s capabilities and sincerity towards Islam by appointing him as governor of Oman. ‘Amr later led the Muslims to conquer Egypt and establish a strong Islamic state.

Khalid bin Al-Waleed: Khalid bin Al-Waleed was a great hero of Islam. Known as ‘The Sword of Allah,’ he led several battles and was always victorious when he fought for Islam. Before he converted to Islam, he fought with the Quraish against Islam and even took part in torturing some of the weak Muslims, making it impossible for them to live in Mecca. It was Khalid bin Al-Waleed who found the weak spot in the Muslim army in the battle of Uhud and led the pagans to defeat the Muslims. After this, he was appointed the commander of the Quraish army for his military skill and strength. Khalid was eventually humiliated when he lost the Battle of the Trench. It took twenty years for Khalid bin Al-Waleed to convert to Islam, but when he did, he became a true soldier for Allah. He conquered apostates, notably Musailamah Al-Kadhab (the Liar) and restored peace and order to the Arabian Peninsula. He devised military tactics which, by the help of Allah, resulted in defeating the Roman army, subduing the Persians, and purifying Arabia from apostates. When he died, Umar bin Al-Khattab cried and said: “Women would never give birth to one like you.

Abu ‘Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah: The Prophet (saas) publicly named ten men who would be guaranteed Paradise in the Hereafter. One of these fortunate men was Abu ‘Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah. He was one of the earliest to accept Islam in its early days in Mecca. He took part in the migrations to Ethiopia and Medina for the sake of preserving his faith. He fought in all the major battles of Islam and spent most of his life as a soldier for Allah’s cause. He even killed his own father in battle when his father vowed to slay him for accepting Islam. Praising his character, the Prophet (saas) said: “Every Ummah has a trustworthy man; Abu ‘Ubaidah is the trustworthy man of this Ummah.

Bilal bin Rabah: Bilal was one of the earliest converts to Islam in Mecca and one of the slaves who accepted Islam at a time when becoming a Muslim resulted in persecution, or even death. Bilal was an Abyssinian brought to Mecca to be a slave in the house of a Quraishi chief. He was humiliated and oppressed because of his low status and dark skin, yet bore his trials with patience. In his heart, Bilal knew that the idols he was forced to worship would not be able to bring him any good or harm, so when he heard of a new Prophet who called people to worship Allah alone and to treat each other with justice and equality, he became interested in Islam. When his owner, Umayya bin Khalaf, discovered that Bilal had not only accepted Islam, but also spit on an idol in front of the Ka’bah, he tortured Bilal to make him turn away from his newfound faith. Bilal was whipped until his skin would tear and blood streamed out, taken to the desert, wrapped in steel chains and placed underneath a huge rock, and the only words he would say were ‘Allah is One.’ Bilal showed humanity that nothing should be exchanged for the true faith, not even one’s life. One day, Umayya was torturing Bilal particularly heavily, and Abu Bakr came and asked to purchase Bilal. Abu Bakr was persistent and paid a large sum for Bilal, then immediately declared Bilal to be a free man, an example of Islam’s attitude toward slavery. Bilal was treated equally by the Companions, and migrated to Medina for the sake of his faith. In Medina, Bilal announced the call to prayer for the first time in history and became the first Mu’edhin of Islam. With his melodious voice, he would give the call to prayer five times a day for the rest of the Prophet’s (saas) life.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Have been 1month I been in college,this sem I should learn Mandarin and CCNA.From zero ,with help of my friends insyallah I can score this subject with their help.I need my notebook wthout it I can't do my assigment,can't online....huhu;D
But WHat To do??have to accept everything that happen in my life...Faith rite..=)
when weekend non stop 'walking in the town'..=D
As u all know i like to write,but sometimes I don't have any content to write...that's what happening to me know..=0
I think I should visit my friends blogs ..=)
11days left and then BOOm!fasting month!!

Mood:Blog Walking

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

College LIfE

I never know what will happen next,never stop doing good so that I can improve myself,but what I get i s totally different,everything change 360 degree..what i expected in my college,is not happening...totaly different I can't transfer my subject,I have only 3days to do everything....add and drop subject for smester 1,totaly...lecture..ahh....really stress this month .....not again(should do my yoga again..huhu)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Notebook Problem

I just repair my notebook 1month ago,now is back with display driver problem...I already don't have money to repair anymore,I can't do anything...everything is inside my notebook..My ebook+My Resume+My Diploma Notes+CCNA nOtes......I should start over again searching for my study...Disaster for this month....I can't on9 to,I will miss my facebook friends+My Aquarium+my BLOg....WHAT TO DO???I hope i can on9 back soon..cuz writing is my know what i start write on my diary and when I get my notebook fix,I can post..(positif thinking)
Take care and have a nive day


Saturday, July 3, 2010


I couldn't say anythin then 'happiNes',watchin at dataran mErdeka with the crowd really gave me joyable game,although germany coach polutter .huhu.Sorry pejal your team lost!!=D
Now I have reason to watch final..yeahh!!!=)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Brazil fail!!!

big disappoinment!!!I thought kaka get 2 goal for hope after brazil player out .....
I don't know what to say..... 'world cup for this year is really BORINGGG!!!all champ went out earlier then I thought!!crapp men!!..Hope germany going to final!

World cup 2014 in Brazil,I hope it will be intersting..can't wait!

Body Building

I'm doing mY body buliding seen 2009,but I'm not in the shape,why?let me tell you,when you doing body building not exercise and supplement help you to get '6packs'.By controling you aptites,that main important things that you should focus in.I always exercise 3hour for 1 day,after doing exercise ,I really feel hungray!you can imagine when ur fat burns doing the exercise ,but after that putting back the fat by eating so much foods!that's why I have no result on my stomach...
Reason is I'm staying with my family ,and my mom always cook delicious foods....That's 1 reason why I can't quit eating..=D
Another is my descipline,to low...=(
So I plan back to get my 6packs,with discpline myself to don't eat after done my exercise..this what I Do,but I'm not using dumbell...I'm using Rock 20 kG,don't force yourself doing when you had a limit!you know your limit!that's many kind of exercise course that I follow yoga,swat exercise and many more..I like to share this exercise with you all,follow this steps:-

to see cleary click the image
That's the exercice for getting 6 packs,For the nutritions you can choose in this website

I'm not taking other supplement rite now,only controling my diet.Most important things you should do this exercise for your health not for show off!Good exercise,Good health giving us positif in our inner body !

keep your health good !=)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Learning English Writing skills +Speak

Last year I apply for goggle engine for my blog,I never get replied back.and when I check back my gmail ,I had masssage from google admin that sound like this 'Further detail:
Unsupported Language: We've found that the majority of your site’s content is in a language we do not currently support. Right now, we're only able to offer language support and ad targeting for the languages listed here. If you manage or own another site in one of our supported languages, feel free to resubmit your application as described below.'
I already knew that if I want to put the google engine,I should write my blog in english,so that I can accepted to get the google engine.but I forget about that.For now own I should post in english,but as u see my english writing is not good until now!the problem that I having is'I'm To lazzy when learn english'.I always promise myself that I will learn english starting tommorow,but when the day comes ,I juz read 2paragraph and then I start focusing in other non important things!I'm thinking this problem and trying to get solution for my problem.guess what??I have the solution now,to solve it I have my Oxford Dictionary on my side of my laptop,so that when I didn't understand word that I'm reading ,I can refer to that .I also start downloading many e-book in english such as Alexender the Great and What would Lincoln do.The author in this book inspire ,and most of all Abraham Lincoln letters is really amaze me ,his writing with language is really powerful.For most of the letters that lincoln wrote I couldn't understand what he talking about,but when the author explain about his writing there I realize what lincoln talking about.Every letters that lincoln wrote is really meaningful.Knowing new knowledge help me improve myself.that's how life been.

Mood: Happy + Learning
Action: Eating meat non stop(I can't stop my desire appetite)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kembali Melalui 'INTernet'

Hi,sekejab ade sekejab x la aku terpaksa lalui bila tumpang broadband 'akak'huhu..=D
at least ade untuk aku berkarya...skit2...;)
2 minggu lebih saya x on9 ,so mesti banyak yang nk cite kat sini ...kalau ingat semuanya aku dapat menulis tanpa henti,but ingatan aku ni x macam 'Einstien' so mesti yg banyak aku lost dari 'got'..
so saya mula menulis segalanya enjoy reading mengenai life saya..=)
Minggu lepas mula semuanya bagi saya,education...keputusan ipta yang saya terima n ipts..check ipta 'anda tidak berjaya'...down sekejab(duduk sambil termenung'where I will be')..
check ipts..'dalam proses'..x sabar nak tahu call ipts!I dapat berita gembira dapat..tapi saya x suka..huhu..biasalah semua nak masuk ipta kan dari ipts?
but what to do?saya dpt ipts ,mungkin pointer saya x cukup untuk level terima,next start packing..packing..baru perasaan ...'nak pack pe'..barang pn start 'shopping'.. cukup x cukup teruskan semuanya..'ring2'my dad call,
My DAd:X perlu masuk Ipts tu masuk unikl..
Me :Unikl,bila register?
My Dad:bUlan depan
Me :oh ok .assalamualaikum
My Dad:Waalaikumusalam

Stop Packing!malas pulak ..huhu..=D
ayah saya n saya bincang2 n bincang akhirnya memikirkan tukar cost n not stayin in hostel..
Dari 'multimedia' ke cos 'Networking'..tukar semula...ermm..pening sekejab n then pkir nak uat rayuan utk ipta,mana tau ade rezeki 'second chance' damansara on9 jab..setlkan semuanya..dah ..esok harinya dah set dalam mind saya nak repair laptop kesayangan saya...
Lowyat is the next destination,dah smpai sana kena jugak..haiz..apa lagi klau antar kat hp cost beribu,klau kat sn ratus but no warranty,thats mean klau ari ni okey n esaok rosak kena bayar lagi ...argghh!x smpai 1 taun 6 buLan dah rosak,n then ade ke patut penjual tu suruh reapir n jual terus??belum smpai 2 taun pn itu respone dia...terpaksa tahan geram n keep goin with low price repair...JAga2 apabila beli laptop!!Jangan Nak Beli Laptop MAhal!serius!cukup spek anda inginkan sudah cukup n kalau boleh tambah warranty selama 3 taun !!It safe for u..
Kalau 1 taun ..memang rugi..pratus kerosakan laptop selepas 1 taun amat tinggi!that's happen ..ada yang dah tau ade yg x tau ..Peringatan'Long term lagi bagus dari short term'..=)
Allhamdulillah laptop saya ok sampai sekarang...solve dah masalah laptop yang pernah memeningkan otak saya ni..=D
Seperti yang anda tau 'Musim Bola",..tapi dah x menarik dah game sekarang macam dulu ,france n italy out dah....walaupun aku bukan peyokong negara tersebut but still kita susah nak ramalkan siapa yang menang taun ni..itu yang uat x interest nak tengok bola ni...but saya masih x tido nak tengok bola..huhu=D
Musim Bola ni Sekjab je n then kena tunggu 2014 kat better enjoy the game..=)
Persiapan dah uat semuanya dah ready,tunggu keputusan stay hostel or umah ...dah tau tu ..setle semuanya n start 'study'..challenging for me,cuz course netwoking saya sangat lemah sebelum ni..dah uat persediaan untuk degree ni..everything Goin According plan,iF not..get ready for plan..saya suka guna ayat ni..

MOod: author,chatting

Saturday, June 12, 2010

JUne Is What I Want!

Hi !lm x tulis blog ,skjb aktif ,skjb x lah jd apabila hari kita dipenuhi ngn kerja2 penting..=D
So minggu ni kerja aku g shopping bli barang2 keperluan untuk memasuki universiti,semua tempat aku jejak dari street ke mall..;)
Dalam List aku terlalu bnyak yang barang yang aku perlu beli ,maklumlah seelum ni kat tmpt study lm aku hanya perlu pkai formal cuz ade 1sem je masuk clas,lg 1taun (WBL)Worked Based Learning,then dah abis dah!!
Now aku nk saambung ijazah aku,masa yang aku ambil sangat lama,tapi tidak akan ku risau..aku dh plan 3taun dari much things that i already archieve..allhamdulillah syukur..=)
Before this if u see my older post is always abiout pimples+ stress,now I Have solutions to that pRoblem..THat's why I can smile even My sis scold me..huhu(Sico Kpla akak aku)..=D
Slalu aku hangout mesti dengan kawan2 taun ni dalam sejarah FAMILY aku ,we hangout together Back.thanks a lot to my Sis car..huhu
that's true Without the transport ,I am really lazy to hang out..My Bike always cause me a Problem..=(
I could not Stop Thinikin bout my study ,when I will FinisH?(belum masuk lagi dh pkir nak abis).I should think rite cuz mY age goin up not down..huhu=D
WIsh Me luck Friends..BTW SAya mengambil kesempatan ni untuk minta maaf pada kawan saya apit kerana tidak dapat hadir kenduri kahwin akak anda..saya betul2 maksudkanya..=,)

ACTION :tulis sambil minum NESCAFE'latte'+MCd

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What I'm thinking

aku nk tukar semuanya tapi bila uat 1 mula aku pening..cuaca panas sgt kot..huhu(alasan)

Cepat aku nak selesaikan 1persatu..
Blog aku x terurus lagi ..nanti aku uruskan..huhu

Friday, June 4, 2010

SYukuR Sahabat2 sy Berjaya

Sudah lama saya tidak bersama rakan2 sekolah saya,sorang demi sorang saya ketemui..semuanya berjaya ..allhamdulillah semua berjaya dalam kerjaya dan hidup mereka..mengenangkan kembali zaman persekolahan ,cikgu yg mengajar ,tempat duduk masing2 dan segalanya ..kenagaan yg sy x kan lupa..bertemu dengan mereka semua adalah 1perjumpaan yang sangat mengembirakan saya..ada yang dah tunang,ada yang telah uat persiapan untuk kahwin..tahniah atas segala kejayaan sahabat2..sentiasa doakan kejayaan kamu semua..=)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Merepek +Kerepek

Gembiranya Aku arini!aku pn x tau pe dh jadi kat aku ..ayik gelak ketawa !yang pelik leh pulak aku gelak wlpn lagu sedih..huhuhu
Macam something nk datang je..something2..x sabar aku nk masuk blja sebenrnya!!!=)
dah masuk blaja otak aku akan start 'meletup' full ngn study ..tapi wa suka beb!Keja +Study!
Best of tHe best !
Kartun yg paling aku minat 'Oggy N thE Cockroches'.aku gelak mcm lipas tu..huhuhu=D

Saturday, May 15, 2010

VideO Klip- Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber - One Time

VideO Klip- Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris

*nak upload semua x dpt,nti aku upload yg lain..=)

Best Songs-Justin bieber

Dalam usia muda dah jadi penyanyi top dari youtube ke dunia Hiburan!
aku dgr lagu ni mula2 kat Fb ,aku ingt pmpn ..suara bila dia tarik x ke mcm pmpn??x tau la,itu pendapat aku..Deria ingin tau aku ni x sabar2 nk tau mengenai penyanyi ni..akhirnya aku dgr semua lagu dia :-

-Baby Ft Ludacris
-One time
-Never let yOu Go
-One less lonely girl

Semua yang aku dgr ,semuanya aku suka..=0
Rentak lagu + lirik lagu =Memang Perfect sampai x henti aku dgr lagu ni..ulang2 n ulang smpai Ulang balik..hahaha=D
Tapi yang peliknya ade jugak yg x suka penyanyi ni,knp??confirm kerana Cemburu..huhuhu=D

Dunia xkan Bhnti...wlpn ku pinta..ini dikatakan .::LIFE::..=)

Malaysia teTap Dihati

siapa yg menonton siaran langsung badminton .tentu paham ngn tajuk post aku kali ni.
walaupun malaysia kalah memasuki final,but they all dah uat terbaik untuk Malaysia ..=)
Persiapan mereka untuk hadapi perlawanan ngn china amat baik sekali,walaupun ramalan kita bukan 50%-50%.boleh dikatakan china 60% and malaysia 40%.kita pun dapat lihat skills china memang cukup hebat dari pemain malaysia.Semua harapan yang kita letak pada pemain oldskool kita seperti Datuk Lee Chong Wei,tapi smpai bila kita nk harapkan pemain senior kita??
Tapi aku tau ade HERO badminton kat luar sana yg belum tunjukan bakat mereka,tunggu dan lihat untuk piala thomas 2012..
Play More ,learn More'MILO'=)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life in pattern

dalam cerita ade cerita baru menarik cerita kita ,lagi2 tersirat...;)
br aku dpt on9 ,asyik x der intenet ni ..dh dpt intenet ngantuk pn leh x ngantuk.huhu
tgh aku setlkan balutan pos abg aku,akak aku pn balik dari shah alam..ade dia bwk pau...
makan sambil tulis...'mencekih'..
semalam aku terserempak ngn kawan lama ku yg dh lama aku x jumpa ..dah berkerjaya...yg aku masih menunggu kptsn aku utk smbg ijazah if x der ipta kena teruskan kat ipts...
pening jgk memikirkan ipts yg mn bagus..pilih ni tu ..semuanya x kena ...ade je masalahnya..
klau bgs ..MQA plk dah tamat tempoh..'RISIkO'..aku x pandai main ngn risiko takut xsempat aku nk graduate ,ade mslh lain...x nk ooo=0

Tengah setlkan study n part time dh dpt 3 tmpt..dpt kptsn leh dah join..good2..semuanya jadi macam aku rancang..x lari trek..huhu=D
pe lagi aku nk beitau korang ..ehhmm2.....
ahh...aku dh ade pet aku sndri..bkn kat facebook tu ni yg real..tikus yg dipannggil'REO'.aku pn x sngka beli tikus ni ..aku nk tnjk pic x der camera nanti dh ade .aku akan post pic REO..=)

haa ckp psl REO aku teringt kat musang atas bumbung umah aku ni ..dah ade babe baru dh skrg..makin ganggu konsentrasi ku apabila mendengar lagu ..dah x leh nk buka tingkap bila malam ..jhaizz...=0
aslkn ko 1keluarga bahagia family musang..=)
Ini je la yang ingin aku beritahu kat korang semua..jika ade cite lagi n ade maxis broadband ni lagi..aku akan update n majukan blog aku ni smpai aku boleh..semuanya'HAve a nice Day'..=)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Know urself With ur Own waY

Inilah pe yg aku rasa tepat ,yang aku nak beritau:=

-Berfikiran jauh.
-Mudah ditawan kerana sikap baik.
- Berperangai lemah lembut.
- Mudah berubah sikap, perangai, idea dan mood.
- Idea yang terlalu banyak di kepala.
-Bersikap sensitif.
-Mempunyai pemikiran yang aktif (sentiasa berfikir).
- Sukar melakukan sesuatu dengan segera.
- Bersikap suka menangguh-nangguh.
- Bersikap terlalu memilih & mahukan yang terbaik.
- Cepat marah & cepat sejuk.
- Suka bercakap & berdebat.
-Suka buat lawak & bergurau.
-Otaknya cerdas berangan-angan.
- Mudah berkawan & pandai berkawan.
-orang yang sangat tertib.
- Pandai mempamerkan sikap.
- Mudah kecil hati.
- Mudah kena selsema.
- Suka berkemas.
-Cepat rasa bosan.
- Sikap terlalu memilih & cerewet.
-Kurang mempamerkan perasaan.
- Lambat untuk sembuh apabila terluka hati.
-Suka pada barang yang berjenama.
-Kedegilan yang tidak terkawal.
-Sesiapa yang memuji, dianggap musuh.
-Siapa yang menegur dianggap kawan.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

MiraCle MiNd

Hari ni my bro n my sis balik umah ,tgh aku baring umah aku dah bising mcm ade kenduri tau je la adik beradik aku excited sgt balik..
bangun basuh n duk tgk cite ngn family..juz borak something2..n then my bro start cite mengenai miRAcle mind..budak yg leh calculate jawapan melalui tgk nombornya!
menarik kan,kita sebagai manusia biasa memrlukan masa yg panjang utk mengira jumlah yg besa tapi genius ni hanya perlu melihat nombor n bolh beritahu jawapanya walaupun angka berapa juata pn...dah tu seorang terencat boleh membaca dalam masa yg singkat n ingat terus dalam otak..
cara kita membaca 1 muka surat ,rite?but dia baca 2 muka surat skali..cuba bayangkan mata dia bergerak mcm mn?memang hebat...n abg aku software untuk melatih speed read,membaca ngn cpt...memang kaedahnya berbeza n susah tapi mudah bagi kita nanti apabila kita blaja...kebanyakan insitut luar negara menggunakan kaedah ni ..kebanyakaan kita tau tapi kita x amalkan kaedah ni...klau kita amalkan kaedah ni..cuba bayngkan reading skills kita amat bagus!banyak lagi aku dapat berkongsi ngn adikberadik aku to know everything goin on in this World!Great!