Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Let this hand type with own melody ,without asking the heart the node??can you do that??
No way! huhu..=D

HI ! how are you?..=)
let me tell you about my LIFE.what's happenig?
1st of all ,I like to let you know ,allhamdulillah my workout to get fit is done..=)
When you don't have a trainer ,is not easy to get your goal but if yourself MOTIVATED,YES you can!that's how I shape my body to get muscular look..;)
it's not easy to get and not easy to maintain it ,without your self confidence, discipline and nutritioun guide ain't easy to get your body in shape..=)

To make sure that, I done my timetable for what should I workout for 3 times in 1week ,for my holiday I make sure that I do my push up 100 times and some crunch for my abs.
When I hit the gym I do my cardio for 30 minit then I start boost my chest, and more focus on my biceps and triceps.Finish my week with focusing on chest,biceps and triceps ,next week I will make sure I focus on back ,chest and shoulder.

For my nutrition ,when I wake up I will eat 1carrot and tomato .After that I will get my fiber and minerals from oat or nestum with MILO..=)
For my lunch I will makesure to eat my multivitamin ,fat burner and glucosamine.After that I will chicken rice.For dinner I will eat rice with more vegetables.For get my body goals ,I will makesure to take 2800 calories per day,so that I can maintain my muscular look..=)

It's important to know your body type before getting supplement into your stomach!don't waste your money for NOTHING!Make sure you get to know which body type you are,and start counting calories for you to get the measurement to archieve your body wieght.Without knowing your calories need ,you won't go far ,believe me..;)
Supplement help you to get protein that you have to get per day,but sometime it's not enough to get bulk or your goal .Watch body builder in youtube,they not only taking protein but they also take creatine,glutamine,multivitamin and casein.That's why they can archieve they target .They know what to get into they stomach!That's is the most important things to get to know before so that you can get your muscular BODY!NUTRITION! and the second things is to get PERFECT WORKOUT =)

MooD :Doing my best For My MUSCULAR BODY..=)
Action:I'm thinking about something new in my LIFE,do I ready? (still Asking)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


When I stand here without someone beside me,When I watch them holding hand,when they hug in front of me,I only wish my part that is gone to long will come back to me as I wish.I ask her enter my life by opening the heart always be there for here,my heart accept her as I wish ,our LOVE been strong until we never realize that,it will be something strong nightmare is coming to get us...When I hold her hand ,she let me go.When I hug her she push me away..The nightmare that chassing us laugh at me,I don't know what to do but one thing I know that I will pray to ALLAH S.W.T for forgiveness and guidance.Be a good men so that you can teach your wife ,son and daughter to success in dunia and akhirat..=)

Mood:smiling +learning to be a good men..=)
Action:Knowledge is important ,don't stop searching for what you want until you get it!motivated