Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I want to change my Heart

Assalamualaikum and Hi ..=)

If I wan't to know anwser for everything is inside AL -QURAN,If I didn't get to know everything in it ,I waste myself living in this dunyah that only for a while,I should run for jannah not dunyah ,I did many wrong things in this world really bad ,I need to fix it before it's to late ,insyallah I will do my best to get make my heart clean and be a good person ,Maybe It's not easy to change but if I work hard for it ,insyallah I can clean my heart from doing sin ,pray for me FRIENDS..=')

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happines Is In Yourself ( Search For It)

Hi , How are you ?Everything Goin according to your plan? One things that I hope ,you all have good life (when I see your smile is always happines for me ,so keep smiling for me =)

How Should I let you all how happy I'am Now When typing this WORD..;)
Allhamdulillah everything goin well in my life ,Every small things that I have always make me happy ,I'm really lucky guy I think so..;)

Let Me write everything I'am Doing to improve my workout ,before this I manage my diet with good nutritioun life ,but starting holiday ,I stop managing what I eat but I always hit gym ,but no good if you can't manage what you eat.I juz look back what make me in good diet and I realize when my class day I always follow my diet ,what I eat day by day is really make my fat decrease.I realize my discpline really low in holiday but I won't give up! Now I'm back to my diet plan ..=)
Everything Is In ur Mind ( If you control your mind is good but if you not controling you will never archive anything)

Don't Give Up!( Word that always make me go to next level)
I'm planning to buy new handphone ,after doing some survey I found that I got interest to HTC model,even samsung come with good spec but still not good enough to get HTC model,Now I know why HTC model expensive because HTC always brought good quality ,even HTC casing is good quality ..=)

I like To share this lyrics ,When I listen to this song ,I really feel good :-

Akon ft Matisyahu

everybody that's existing got a mind of their own
we're all kings and queens with a throne of our own
tryna raise a family in another big home
we gotta learn to stick together
hate to be here alone

cuz the world is a place that will eat you alive in one day
said the world is a place that you cant survive without faith

sometimes in my tears i drown
but i never let it get me down
so when negativity surrounds
i know someday it'll all turn around because
all my life i've been waiting for
i've been praying for, for the people to say
that we dont wanna fight no more
they'll be no more wars
and our children will play

one day
one day
one day

its not about win or lose
we all lose
when they feed on the souls of the innocent blood drenched pavement
keep on moving though the waters stay raging
in this maze you can lose your way (your way)
it might drive you crazy but dont let it faze you no way (no way)

gotta hold on living life day by day
gotta hold on put your focus on that one day

all my life ive been waiting for
ive been praying for
for the people to say
that we dont wanna fight no more
theyll be no more wars and our children will play
one day
one day
one day

bridge (matisyahu):
one day this all will change
treat people the same
stop with the violence down with the hate
one day well all be free
and proud to be
under the same sun singing songs of freedom

gotta hold onnn livin life day by day
gotta hold onnn put your focus on that one day

all my life ive been waiting for ive been praying for
for the people to say
that we dont wanna fight no more
theyll be no more wars and our children will play
one day
one day
one day

Mood :I'm Happy like a Men That Win 1million ..=)
Action: What I always Do is ,I always improve myself to climb up to the top,insyallah my day will come( Don't Give Up)..=')

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Day + Diet Plan

Hi,How are you? I hope everyone have a good journey in they LIFE now.Took time to me update my blog for now ,because I'm busy with my Skill based + My Exam + Final Project = Everything about my Education. ;)
Good News to share with you all is My Notebook Is back in my life.=)
My bodybuilding is goin well to but I have problem with my diet nowdays,I have eating rice ,insyallah I will stop eating white rice so that I can get my Six packs ! ;)
My diet Starting today is :-
Meal 1-OatMeal + Whey 2scoops + Coffee
Meal 2-wholegrain bread 4slice + Milk + Tomato
Meal3- Whey 2scoops + Multivitamin + Spirulina
Meal4-Fish /Chicken/Meat + Milk + veggies /fruits
Meal5- Oatmeal /4whole grain bread + Milk + Fruits

Starting today I want to make sure that I will not eat after 10 pm ,before I sleep,no extra carbs = No fat..;)
Putting extra supplement in my meal = Fish Oil,insyallah..=)

Diet + Workout is part of my life now ,learning is my power ,I won't quit until I get there ,so do you all,Make sure you always Motivated in LIFE so you can get further in Everything you are doing in your LIFE..=)

Mood :Wondering When Will Be The Day ..=')
Action: Doing What Should Be Done To Make It More PERFECT Tommorow ..=')

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Short Story -LOVE ( Heart to Diary)

The story is about LOVE for sure! ;)
When I open My Diary is all about you ,when I think of something you will be in my mind,Can I stop thinking about you ,If my Heart is a player ,Yes! sure I can,but it's not ,that's why it's still playing like usual.When I see a beautiful view,you will be there too in blur,who are you? my little heart still asking..(Rain fall from the sky ). I should go back to my hotel before I get wet...
there are nothing to do now juz get a good nap,before dinner....(Cellphone Ring)..

Me : Hello
Caller: Hi !
Me :Hi..(I start smiling,I recognize her voice), to long..
Caller :Sorry ! I have busy Life since I join this how are you?
Me : I'm fine .....the conversation continue until I realize it's already 2am...Love really can make us do crazy things without we realize it!...she the girl that I mentioned in the diary,I never met her in my life , only I know she know about me ,but I don't know her!...skip my dinner and I went to sleep..zzZZ

(Cellphone Ring)..Hello..Sleeping mood..
Caller: Wake up ! Is already 8am!
Me: So? I'm on vacation,nothing to worried about.huhu
Caller : I'm at the lobby now,Now you have something to worry about?
Me: What??!!Are you joking?
Caller : I'm serius,get down here before I change my mind.;)

I get up and start doing everything quickly before it's to late.( my little heart still asking how she know I'm here)...Walk to the lift my hand holding the diary that I want to give her so long .2 years I'm waiting for this day happen,Now it's happen truly!when I arrived at the lobby I 'm shocked with the person or the dream girl that I'm fall in love for..
Me : You liyana..
Liyana: (she give a smile to me, the smile that only lucky guy can have)..;)

I never realize that I fall in love with the girl that always beside me ,the girl that always annoying me... We sit by the beach and I gave her my diary..she open the diary and want to read,I juz close the diary and ask her to read after this..with a smile..=)
she smile back and we start enjoying the beautiful view that day...After 2years we get married..=')
From Diary to a Real Life , I see her now and my love is only for her ..I LOVE you Liyana .I have best buddy and Best wife forever until my last breath....=')

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri

Hi, I like to wish all muslims in this world 'Happy Eidul Fitri'..=')
Whatever you can do ,do your best to get peace and harmony in you LIFE ..=)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadhan Diet Plan

Assalamualaikum and Hi..=)
It's been long time that I never update my blog and juz looking in my chatbox and then log out.The reason why didn't update my blog is because I'm Focusing all my hours in Ibadah and Building my muscle,I wrote everything in my book..=)
Yeah!For muslims Their know how important this month is,Ramadhan That we waiting for had arrived,Allhamdulillah I'm doing my best in my Ibadah..=')
For this month I take my month off for my muscle building,I also have my new Diet Meal Plan for fat loss..=)
This is my Diet Plan : -

Meal 1
Brocolli,2Fruits,Oat meal,Milk,Kurma

Meal 2
Coffee +Milk,3Egg white

Meal 3
1pack Animal Cut,1.5liter Water,Fruits
After 1hour(Workout For 1 Hour)

Meal 4
2scoop of Protein,3Egg White ,Milk

Meal 5
1Multivitamin,6Tablet of Spirulina,Oat +Milk

I will add extra fish ,chicken breast or meat.
Now I Like to add some almonds,peanut Butter(pure) and Dark Choclote in my diet plan.=)

I'm doing fat loss plan for this month because,I can't work hard building muscle but I should focus doing in my Ibadah this month=')

Insyallah after Ramadhan month I will start my building muscle plan..;)
For thus who want to loss weight,this is the good month to do it!My advice is stop eating white rice and start taking brown rice only one small cup per day,because I have been not eating rice for two month and the result is I juz lost 4kilo,I also get rid of sugar,oil and it's make me feel good.=)
I'm not asking to stop eating rice at the day you start fat loss plan,I know you can't because rice is part of your life since you were kids in Malaysia.Juz try slowly to stop eating white rice and replace it with oat,brown rice,vegetables ,fruits and most important is your protein..=)
If you want to loss weight let me know I can teach you how to loss weight in good way if you really want to loss all the fats that not making good for us!=)

Mood : Ibadah Is more Important then anything else,.=')
Action: Thinking of LOVE Story that I like to Write in this lovely Blog,insyallah..=)

Monday, June 6, 2011


Hi this is the place where I write something inside or outside of my life.Friday is my bad day when i know my result isn't good,i can't sleep ,can't eat and my mind full of STRESS imagination.What should I do?what can I do? I can't rewind back the time to get the score...haizz...disappointment is everything that happening in my life..I only have last chance this short smester..I will focus for this short smester ! I will do My Best to get my CGPA grade higher!I will do my best for my study !I am the GUY that NEVER GIVE UP!If a genius take 1 minute to solve the math problem,I take 15minute solve it but most important things that I learn by walking through my life ,I will never give up on myself!Maybe I don't have a good support beside me but i know I can create one to make myself MOTIVATED! Thus out there ,don't give up whatever that you are doing!

MooD : Concentrate is important..=')
Action :Doing my BEST!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Let this hand type with own melody ,without asking the heart the node??can you do that??
No way! huhu..=D

HI ! how are you?..=)
let me tell you about my LIFE.what's happenig?
1st of all ,I like to let you know ,allhamdulillah my workout to get fit is done..=)
When you don't have a trainer ,is not easy to get your goal but if yourself MOTIVATED,YES you can!that's how I shape my body to get muscular look..;)
it's not easy to get and not easy to maintain it ,without your self confidence, discipline and nutritioun guide ain't easy to get your body in shape..=)

To make sure that, I done my timetable for what should I workout for 3 times in 1week ,for my holiday I make sure that I do my push up 100 times and some crunch for my abs.
When I hit the gym I do my cardio for 30 minit then I start boost my chest, and more focus on my biceps and triceps.Finish my week with focusing on chest,biceps and triceps ,next week I will make sure I focus on back ,chest and shoulder.

For my nutrition ,when I wake up I will eat 1carrot and tomato .After that I will get my fiber and minerals from oat or nestum with MILO..=)
For my lunch I will makesure to eat my multivitamin ,fat burner and glucosamine.After that I will chicken rice.For dinner I will eat rice with more vegetables.For get my body goals ,I will makesure to take 2800 calories per day,so that I can maintain my muscular look..=)

It's important to know your body type before getting supplement into your stomach!don't waste your money for NOTHING!Make sure you get to know which body type you are,and start counting calories for you to get the measurement to archieve your body wieght.Without knowing your calories need ,you won't go far ,believe me..;)
Supplement help you to get protein that you have to get per day,but sometime it's not enough to get bulk or your goal .Watch body builder in youtube,they not only taking protein but they also take creatine,glutamine,multivitamin and casein.That's why they can archieve they target .They know what to get into they stomach!That's is the most important things to get to know before so that you can get your muscular BODY!NUTRITION! and the second things is to get PERFECT WORKOUT =)

MooD :Doing my best For My MUSCULAR BODY..=)
Action:I'm thinking about something new in my LIFE,do I ready? (still Asking)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


When I stand here without someone beside me,When I watch them holding hand,when they hug in front of me,I only wish my part that is gone to long will come back to me as I wish.I ask her enter my life by opening the heart always be there for here,my heart accept her as I wish ,our LOVE been strong until we never realize that,it will be something strong nightmare is coming to get us...When I hold her hand ,she let me go.When I hug her she push me away..The nightmare that chassing us laugh at me,I don't know what to do but one thing I know that I will pray to ALLAH S.W.T for forgiveness and guidance.Be a good men so that you can teach your wife ,son and daughter to success in dunia and akhirat..=)

Mood:smiling +learning to be a good men..=)
Action:Knowledge is important ,don't stop searching for what you want until you get it!motivated

Friday, April 29, 2011


hi!as you all know I'm taking my workout seriusly ,so that I can get muscular body + my discpline for my own good..=)

For breakfast : Bread + Egg + Milk + Oatmeal + nescafe (this is in my breakfast list,hope you understand what I'm try to say..=) )

For lunch : Bread + chicken /meat/fish + lots of vegetables + fruit

For dinner :Chicken/meat/ fish + 1cup of coffee

Supplement : Creatine + Fat burn + Multivitamin

I want lose fat and gain muscle ,I already get upper body shape done,focusing lower body starting 13 may 2011.After I finish my final exam I will start my training back,for now I just focusing on what I eat.I Should make it clear in my mind ,how important is getting healthy food in my stomach so that I can gain muscle plus my strength in the same time!Believe it or not what you eat is the most purpose in body building.If you want to get in shape start planning with what you eat! and then your routine workout..insyallah you will get what you want with your own hard working..=)

Mood: STudying + doing my best for my FInal EXAM
Action:LIfe as a STUDENT is really challenging,I will Do the BEST!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank You

Hi thanks to all my friend that wish my birthday ..=)

Monday, March 28, 2011

My life

hi there! sitting plus waiting for the page facebook to open,but still can't login...I don't what to say about the connection in my campus ..=+

So today is tuesday,tommorow I should take my rapid student pass,to solve my $$$ problem.=) Something interesting this sem happening in my LIFE ,I happy for myself that's happening again..;)

My muscletech supplemnt had finish again,now I like to get back to GASPARI NUTRIOUN 8000max back into my workout ! Recovery is important when we doing bodybuilding,that's why bodybuilder will search for the amino acids product to build they muscle into a good shape!=) amino acids is the main function that build block for protein ,when it build up then u can see your muscle grow ..

allhamdulillah everything is going in good progress..=) My main play for this month 'bench press',I want to put extra focus to my chest..=)

Action: Try to know 'who am I'..+)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


hi there! I juz watch talentime movie,1st of all I thought the story is comedy ,but after the end I realize the story has sad part ..I get one thing in my mind when I watch this movie,my day with my friends at school..I remember the day when negaraku song played but I ingnore it and run away from my discpline teacher that waiting for the song finish and to punish me..but he didn't caught me!huhu..=D
The day I learn break dance ,my friend try do some surprise in the end his pants had been ripped!=D
laugh and laugh ,that's I remember every sweet moment ,sad moment =twisted together ,world is full of memories that we can't erase it out...=)

I love my life is going well,everyone get whatever they want in this world at least one things a day!

Mood:In writing mood..=)
Action:Coffee + extra milk = is good for ur health when u read the ingredients 1st!..;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update BLOG

Hi good morning!..=)
Today I have my morning class but it has been cancel,everytime I arrive at the campus,I will receive massage from my friend saying that' Klas cancel',I already arrive so have no idea what to do because my next class is 4.30pm and the class is only one hour.Sometimes I feel My day with DREAMING in the libary!I mean sleeping ..huhu=D
Of course I'm not comfortable to sleep there,so I juz walk at lobby to see who can I meet..sometimes I get to hang out with my best friend..=)
But I take this opportunity to do my workout ..I already have my own time table :-
• Day 1 - Chest, back, abdominal muscles, and cardiovascular exercises (MONDAY)
• Day 2 - Day off
• Day 3 - Shoulders, legs, abdominal muscles, and cardiovascular exercises (WEDNESDAY)
• Day 4 - Day off
• Day 5 - Biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles, and cardiovascular exercises(FRIDAY)
• Day 6 - Day off
• Day 7 - Day off

Mood : =)
ActioN:Gettin banana + orange = into my stomach..+)

Friday, March 18, 2011

MY New Beauty QUEEN

hi!with my busy LIFE,I can't think to write anything in this blog but now even I have exam and quiz I like to post this good news!!I get my new beauty 'MUSCLETECH "MASS TECH"'!! I mean my lovely protein had arrive today!I can't wait to drink it before my workout with this new product that can help me gain on my CHEST & ARM bigger !

My workout,allhamdulillah everything going as I plan,but for my study is bad .That's my fault ,when I didn't understand topic in the subject ..I will ignore it and go to the next topic until I didn't realize that I had full of box in my mind that I do not understand!I should start doing something before it is to late..=(

MOOD :Happy plus worry ..=)(
ACTION:DOing bench press while seeing FACEBOOK..=)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gain Muscle

hi ,how are you ?is it everything under control?if not make it in ur control..=)
Sorry for late updating my blog,I had long journey for this smester ..
GOOD NEWS :I had my own broadband..=)
BAD NEWS :My supplement have finish..=(

I go to college 6.30am until 10pm at night,so I don't have time to spend with my friends,but I got 1week smester break,so I decide to have fun with my friends..=)
For my workout,I spend 2hours every day..Allhamdulillah ,I'm getting my body shape in good..Before this I just want to do 6packs + gettin rip..but now I change my mind,this smeaster I set my goal to get more gain and get my muscle bigger..since my my 8000max amino acid have finish..I don't know which supplements to take but I do know how much gain I want to get!I want to build my muscle like this guy Josh Hyaduck!!

For my protein I think I will start with MUSCLETECH product,but most important things 'I WON't TAKE STEROID'..I will do my best to gain my muscle without STEROID,and I want to prove to you all without STEROID you all can gain muscle ,most importanly my my ride..=)

My First step for this month :Gettig my chest and my arm rip +big!

MooD:Happy ..=)
Action:train hard !make your body rip!..;)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Me ,Myself And I

hi there!I thaught I have class today,but have been cancel..waiting for solat jumaat 12.30pm..I'm here at the library.I like to write about what I see when I arrive at putra station near my home 7.00 am.I get up earlier so that I can ride with my dad to the putra station but my class start at 8.30 I start waste my time at the putra station while watching people + with they act..It's really not boring..they act always make me smile ..=)

I'm watching them 7.00am until 8.00am,many of them rushing to work,really pack at this station ,every 50 second the train arrive,people still non stop coming my station always crowd..but I always manage to get my place near the door..huhu=D

The view is beautiful,I decide to get my breakfast they before i get to my class.As I always mention the morning is always give me a good mood..U can scold me + scream at me = Im still smiling..that's me when I wake up in the morning..;)

I care everything that happen in my life,but i can't make them smile always...I love to make others smile,if I can I want the whole people in this universe can smile always,so that I can get my smile 24 hours stick to my face..


MooD:Happy + grateful with what I have..=)
Action:Like to write a short story nex time..;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Game Start!

Hi there! my holiday is over,time to study now!

setle my registration semester and I have only one subject to be approved(Object Oriented Programing),If I can't take this subject for this smester,it will be big disaster for my next sem..I hope everything will be ok ..insyallah..=)

This New Year is a Good start for me,I hope It's good for you too and make sure you'll archive your goals fast as you can so that you can make new goal to run for,that's LIFE...

I love This Life Path =)

MooD:Everything under control..=)
Action:lots of luv to LIbary..huhu

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happines You Have it! =)

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu And Hi..

For the start I like to write what in my mind.Think about it,nothing to write but I like to write and I don't want to stop writing until I statstified..=)
How about I write about happines thats all about in our LIFE,going through everyday in our own LIFE...DO you archive your happiness every second or everyday?How you get that happines?

You get up in the morning to get to the office,school, or to archive something that day.BOOM!here it come after you arrive at the office you get yelled by your boss,your teacher, or not happening as you be plan.Then what sit at the chair and cry or really stress out?or will pull out all your stress to others?or you will control everything as calm as possible?

Everything is in your hand,WHat you gonna be ?Don't think using your stress ,and don't make decision when you stress out because there has a bad ending..
What Should you Do is start praying ,make yourself calm and then decide..insyallah everything will be ok ..=)

Do Good To Everyone even to your enemies,Do it sincerely...DOn't Drag any bad energy in ur life!=)

Mood:Doing everything For My life
Action:MUsic + Ebooks ..=)