Friday, October 22, 2010

LOve Story

hi,today I don't have class but I came early to meet my friend.My reason to meet him is to get fitness pro,protein as u all know I getting serius in my bodybuilding..but I could't get the protein today,I should wait until this monday...

I'm sitting in library without any direction....1st of all I open my facebook ..nothing they that make me interesting today...but what make me intersting today is my friend beside me...He have test today but still playing facebook,he don't know how important education to him but what to do??His life not mine rite..asa friend I only can advice him..=D (aku pn 2x5 je .)..thingking what should I write..hurm...How about love story??let my hEart do everythin..=)

Watching someone near bangsar bustop,I do wonder she already have a boyfriend or not??When I look at her I can't stop my eye from watching her..She walk away from the bustop when someone came to her and stir her...I miss my beauty queen today because of the stranger!!My bus arrived shortly after the incident,watching her in the bus while she walking..even she disappear from my view ,I'm still thinking about her! Do I have chance to see her again??
The next day I saw her again lucky day!I sat beside her,she never realise my exist..I pretending like I'm not watching her,suddenly my eyes watch at the same time she turn to me too with a smile..=)
I love her smile...I never forget that smile,every time I think her..I will smile..=))

LOve chanGes Our View,
LOvE can maKe everything Change In A Second,
Cry ,lAugh ,everything came from your Heart,
Stop loving Like Stop breathing,
Open Your Heart wiTh Full of Colour,
Make it Colourful Always..

To be cOntinue.....

If my grammar is not good please let me know,I LOve to learn..;)

Mood :Writer
Action: Writing With smIle...=)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Done my CCNA assigment

Hi,finish done my CCNA assigment 4.26 am,I have to prepare for my class early in the morning.No time to sleep ,Busy liFE make me strong..positif thinking!

Action:sHort story bout me..huhu=D

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday LifE

hi ,six month I never seen my friend 'mat'.Today I get call from him(conversation) :

Mat: Roy ade mana?

Me:Ade hostel ,xuat pe?

Mat:dah lama x jumpa ,jom kuar,kak hana pn ade?


Mat:aku dtg ambik ko.


15 minit later he already came to take me ,we hang out at mamak stall at jalan telawi.I start remember all the crazy stuff that we done together..=)
Old memories come quickly in my mind ,I thought I'm still studying with him..but I realize it's all end already. He working at the same place where we done our WBL.Everything going according to the plan.Insyallah everything is gone be ok..

MoOd: Never Stop Smiling
Action:eating cak keow tiao basah ,drinking teh tarik while writing

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Assigment WEEK

sleep late again,WHAT TO DO?
That's how student life ..+D

Preparing Slide Show for my Data Communication.After done the slide show I continue with Pengajian Islam assigment.I used to miss my learning life,but now it make me sick!I need time to break...

GYM + CLASS + STUDY + ASSIGMENT + PRESENTATION = LAST FOR ALL 'fInAL eXaM' and then beach party!!!=D

MOod : Focus + stir shah(huhu..=D )
Action:watchin mUsic video while doing my assigment

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My chinA MobiLe Is BaCk

I left my blog quiet for so long ,when I get to on9..I only open my facebook and my email.=0

As I always mention to you all ,I like to write and never stop writing until now.Trying to get my own diary ,but not now..kind of busy with my final exam +project..after that I free !!=D
What should I write ???My life..;)

I already Fix my china mobile !!!=)
that's means I can start hearing song when someone call me,although unusual for you all for me Its important..;) (life without music is boring.)..
Can't wait For my New ....... Transform??? wait and see..=)

MooD : happy + Trying to solve everything
Action: memorize mandarin