Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank You

Hi thanks to all my friend that wish my birthday ..=)

Monday, March 28, 2011

My life

hi there! sitting plus waiting for the page facebook to open,but still can't login...I don't what to say about the connection in my campus ..=+

So today is tuesday,tommorow I should take my rapid student pass,to solve my $$$ problem.=) Something interesting this sem happening in my LIFE ,I happy for myself that's happening again..;)

My muscletech supplemnt had finish again,now I like to get back to GASPARI NUTRIOUN 8000max back into my workout ! Recovery is important when we doing bodybuilding,that's why bodybuilder will search for the amino acids product to build they muscle into a good shape!=) amino acids is the main function that build block for protein ,when it build up then u can see your muscle grow ..

allhamdulillah everything is going in good progress..=) My main play for this month 'bench press',I want to put extra focus to my chest..=)

Action: Try to know 'who am I'..+)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


hi there! I juz watch talentime movie,1st of all I thought the story is comedy ,but after the end I realize the story has sad part ..I get one thing in my mind when I watch this movie,my day with my friends at school..I remember the day when negaraku song played but I ingnore it and run away from my discpline teacher that waiting for the song finish and to punish me..but he didn't caught me!huhu..=D
The day I learn break dance ,my friend try do some surprise in the end his pants had been ripped!=D
laugh and laugh ,that's I remember every sweet moment ,sad moment =twisted together ,world is full of memories that we can't erase it out...=)

I love my life is going well,everyone get whatever they want in this world at least one things a day!

Mood:In writing mood..=)
Action:Coffee + extra milk = is good for ur health when u read the ingredients 1st!..;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update BLOG

Hi good morning!..=)
Today I have my morning class but it has been cancel,everytime I arrive at the campus,I will receive massage from my friend saying that' Klas cancel',I already arrive so have no idea what to do because my next class is 4.30pm and the class is only one hour.Sometimes I feel My day with DREAMING in the libary!I mean sleeping ..huhu=D
Of course I'm not comfortable to sleep there,so I juz walk at lobby to see who can I meet..sometimes I get to hang out with my best friend..=)
But I take this opportunity to do my workout ..I already have my own time table :-
• Day 1 - Chest, back, abdominal muscles, and cardiovascular exercises (MONDAY)
• Day 2 - Day off
• Day 3 - Shoulders, legs, abdominal muscles, and cardiovascular exercises (WEDNESDAY)
• Day 4 - Day off
• Day 5 - Biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles, and cardiovascular exercises(FRIDAY)
• Day 6 - Day off
• Day 7 - Day off

Mood : =)
ActioN:Gettin banana + orange = into my stomach..+)

Friday, March 18, 2011

MY New Beauty QUEEN

hi!with my busy LIFE,I can't think to write anything in this blog but now even I have exam and quiz I like to post this good news!!I get my new beauty 'MUSCLETECH "MASS TECH"'!! I mean my lovely protein had arrive today!I can't wait to drink it before my workout with this new product that can help me gain on my CHEST & ARM bigger !

My workout,allhamdulillah everything going as I plan,but for my study is bad .That's my fault ,when I didn't understand topic in the subject ..I will ignore it and go to the next topic until I didn't realize that I had full of box in my mind that I do not understand!I should start doing something before it is to late..=(

MOOD :Happy plus worry ..=)(
ACTION:DOing bench press while seeing FACEBOOK..=)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gain Muscle

hi ,how are you ?is it everything under control?if not make it in ur control..=)
Sorry for late updating my blog,I had long journey for this smester ..
GOOD NEWS :I had my own broadband..=)
BAD NEWS :My supplement have finish..=(

I go to college 6.30am until 10pm at night,so I don't have time to spend with my friends,but I got 1week smester break,so I decide to have fun with my friends..=)
For my workout,I spend 2hours every day..Allhamdulillah ,I'm getting my body shape in good..Before this I just want to do 6packs + gettin rip..but now I change my mind,this smeaster I set my goal to get more gain and get my muscle bigger..since my my 8000max amino acid have finish..I don't know which supplements to take but I do know how much gain I want to get!I want to build my muscle like this guy Josh Hyaduck!!

For my protein I think I will start with MUSCLETECH product,but most important things 'I WON't TAKE STEROID'..I will do my best to gain my muscle without STEROID,and I want to prove to you all without STEROID you all can gain muscle ,most importanly my my ride..=)

My First step for this month :Gettig my chest and my arm rip +big!

MooD:Happy ..=)
Action:train hard !make your body rip!..;)