Thursday, January 20, 2011

Me ,Myself And I

hi there!I thaught I have class today,but have been cancel..waiting for solat jumaat 12.30pm..I'm here at the library.I like to write about what I see when I arrive at putra station near my home 7.00 am.I get up earlier so that I can ride with my dad to the putra station but my class start at 8.30 I start waste my time at the putra station while watching people + with they act..It's really not boring..they act always make me smile ..=)

I'm watching them 7.00am until 8.00am,many of them rushing to work,really pack at this station ,every 50 second the train arrive,people still non stop coming my station always crowd..but I always manage to get my place near the door..huhu=D

The view is beautiful,I decide to get my breakfast they before i get to my class.As I always mention the morning is always give me a good mood..U can scold me + scream at me = Im still smiling..that's me when I wake up in the morning..;)

I care everything that happen in my life,but i can't make them smile always...I love to make others smile,if I can I want the whole people in this universe can smile always,so that I can get my smile 24 hours stick to my face..


MooD:Happy + grateful with what I have..=)
Action:Like to write a short story nex time..;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Game Start!

Hi there! my holiday is over,time to study now!

setle my registration semester and I have only one subject to be approved(Object Oriented Programing),If I can't take this subject for this smester,it will be big disaster for my next sem..I hope everything will be ok ..insyallah..=)

This New Year is a Good start for me,I hope It's good for you too and make sure you'll archive your goals fast as you can so that you can make new goal to run for,that's LIFE...

I love This Life Path =)

MooD:Everything under control..=)
Action:lots of luv to LIbary..huhu

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happines You Have it! =)

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu And Hi..

For the start I like to write what in my mind.Think about it,nothing to write but I like to write and I don't want to stop writing until I statstified..=)
How about I write about happines thats all about in our LIFE,going through everyday in our own LIFE...DO you archive your happiness every second or everyday?How you get that happines?

You get up in the morning to get to the office,school, or to archive something that day.BOOM!here it come after you arrive at the office you get yelled by your boss,your teacher, or not happening as you be plan.Then what sit at the chair and cry or really stress out?or will pull out all your stress to others?or you will control everything as calm as possible?

Everything is in your hand,WHat you gonna be ?Don't think using your stress ,and don't make decision when you stress out because there has a bad ending..
What Should you Do is start praying ,make yourself calm and then decide..insyallah everything will be ok ..=)

Do Good To Everyone even to your enemies,Do it sincerely...DOn't Drag any bad energy in ur life!=)

Mood:Doing everything For My life
Action:MUsic + Ebooks ..=)