Saturday, July 31, 2010


Have been 1month I been in college,this sem I should learn Mandarin and CCNA.From zero ,with help of my friends insyallah I can score this subject with their help.I need my notebook wthout it I can't do my assigment,can't online....huhu;D
But WHat To do??have to accept everything that happen in my life...Faith rite..=)
when weekend non stop 'walking in the town'..=D
As u all know i like to write,but sometimes I don't have any content to write...that's what happening to me know..=0
I think I should visit my friends blogs ..=)
11days left and then BOOm!fasting month!!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

College LIfE

I never know what will happen next,never stop doing good so that I can improve myself,but what I get i s totally different,everything change 360 degree..what i expected in my college,is not happening...totaly different I can't transfer my subject,I have only 3days to do everything....add and drop subject for smester 1,totaly...lecture..ahh....really stress this month .....not again(should do my yoga again..huhu)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Notebook Problem

I just repair my notebook 1month ago,now is back with display driver problem...I already don't have money to repair anymore,I can't do anything...everything is inside my notebook..My ebook+My Resume+My Diploma Notes+CCNA nOtes......I should start over again searching for my study...Disaster for this month....I can't on9 to,I will miss my facebook friends+My Aquarium+my BLOg....WHAT TO DO???I hope i can on9 back soon..cuz writing is my know what i start write on my diary and when I get my notebook fix,I can post..(positif thinking)
Take care and have a nive day


Saturday, July 3, 2010


I couldn't say anythin then 'happiNes',watchin at dataran mErdeka with the crowd really gave me joyable game,although germany coach polutter .huhu.Sorry pejal your team lost!!=D
Now I have reason to watch final..yeahh!!!=)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Brazil fail!!!

big disappoinment!!!I thought kaka get 2 goal for hope after brazil player out .....
I don't know what to say..... 'world cup for this year is really BORINGGG!!!all champ went out earlier then I thought!!crapp men!!..Hope germany going to final!

World cup 2014 in Brazil,I hope it will be intersting..can't wait!

Body Building

I'm doing mY body buliding seen 2009,but I'm not in the shape,why?let me tell you,when you doing body building not exercise and supplement help you to get '6packs'.By controling you aptites,that main important things that you should focus in.I always exercise 3hour for 1 day,after doing exercise ,I really feel hungray!you can imagine when ur fat burns doing the exercise ,but after that putting back the fat by eating so much foods!that's why I have no result on my stomach...
Reason is I'm staying with my family ,and my mom always cook delicious foods....That's 1 reason why I can't quit eating..=D
Another is my descipline,to low...=(
So I plan back to get my 6packs,with discpline myself to don't eat after done my exercise..this what I Do,but I'm not using dumbell...I'm using Rock 20 kG,don't force yourself doing when you had a limit!you know your limit!that's many kind of exercise course that I follow yoga,swat exercise and many more..I like to share this exercise with you all,follow this steps:-

to see cleary click the image
That's the exercice for getting 6 packs,For the nutritions you can choose in this website

I'm not taking other supplement rite now,only controling my diet.Most important things you should do this exercise for your health not for show off!Good exercise,Good health giving us positif in our inner body !

keep your health good !=)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Learning English Writing skills +Speak

Last year I apply for goggle engine for my blog,I never get replied back.and when I check back my gmail ,I had masssage from google admin that sound like this 'Further detail:
Unsupported Language: We've found that the majority of your site’s content is in a language we do not currently support. Right now, we're only able to offer language support and ad targeting for the languages listed here. If you manage or own another site in one of our supported languages, feel free to resubmit your application as described below.'
I already knew that if I want to put the google engine,I should write my blog in english,so that I can accepted to get the google engine.but I forget about that.For now own I should post in english,but as u see my english writing is not good until now!the problem that I having is'I'm To lazzy when learn english'.I always promise myself that I will learn english starting tommorow,but when the day comes ,I juz read 2paragraph and then I start focusing in other non important things!I'm thinking this problem and trying to get solution for my problem.guess what??I have the solution now,to solve it I have my Oxford Dictionary on my side of my laptop,so that when I didn't understand word that I'm reading ,I can refer to that .I also start downloading many e-book in english such as Alexender the Great and What would Lincoln do.The author in this book inspire ,and most of all Abraham Lincoln letters is really amaze me ,his writing with language is really powerful.For most of the letters that lincoln wrote I couldn't understand what he talking about,but when the author explain about his writing there I realize what lincoln talking about.Every letters that lincoln wrote is really meaningful.Knowing new knowledge help me improve myself.that's how life been.

Mood: Happy + Learning
Action: Eating meat non stop(I can't stop my desire appetite)