Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Day + Diet Plan

Hi,How are you? I hope everyone have a good journey in they LIFE now.Took time to me update my blog for now ,because I'm busy with my Skill based + My Exam + Final Project = Everything about my Education. ;)
Good News to share with you all is My Notebook Is back in my life.=)
My bodybuilding is goin well to but I have problem with my diet nowdays,I have eating rice ,insyallah I will stop eating white rice so that I can get my Six packs ! ;)
My diet Starting today is :-
Meal 1-OatMeal + Whey 2scoops + Coffee
Meal 2-wholegrain bread 4slice + Milk + Tomato
Meal3- Whey 2scoops + Multivitamin + Spirulina
Meal4-Fish /Chicken/Meat + Milk + veggies /fruits
Meal5- Oatmeal /4whole grain bread + Milk + Fruits

Starting today I want to make sure that I will not eat after 10 pm ,before I sleep,no extra carbs = No fat..;)
Putting extra supplement in my meal = Fish Oil,insyallah..=)

Diet + Workout is part of my life now ,learning is my power ,I won't quit until I get there ,so do you all,Make sure you always Motivated in LIFE so you can get further in Everything you are doing in your LIFE..=)

Mood :Wondering When Will Be The Day ..=')
Action: Doing What Should Be Done To Make It More PERFECT Tommorow ..=')