Friday, July 2, 2010

Body Building

I'm doing mY body buliding seen 2009,but I'm not in the shape,why?let me tell you,when you doing body building not exercise and supplement help you to get '6packs'.By controling you aptites,that main important things that you should focus in.I always exercise 3hour for 1 day,after doing exercise ,I really feel hungray!you can imagine when ur fat burns doing the exercise ,but after that putting back the fat by eating so much foods!that's why I have no result on my stomach...
Reason is I'm staying with my family ,and my mom always cook delicious foods....That's 1 reason why I can't quit eating..=D
Another is my descipline,to low...=(
So I plan back to get my 6packs,with discpline myself to don't eat after done my exercise..this what I Do,but I'm not using dumbell...I'm using Rock 20 kG,don't force yourself doing when you had a limit!you know your limit!that's many kind of exercise course that I follow yoga,swat exercise and many more..I like to share this exercise with you all,follow this steps:-

to see cleary click the image
That's the exercice for getting 6 packs,For the nutritions you can choose in this website

I'm not taking other supplement rite now,only controling my diet.Most important things you should do this exercise for your health not for show off!Good exercise,Good health giving us positif in our inner body !

keep your health good !=)

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