Wednesday, May 18, 2011


When I stand here without someone beside me,When I watch them holding hand,when they hug in front of me,I only wish my part that is gone to long will come back to me as I wish.I ask her enter my life by opening the heart always be there for here,my heart accept her as I wish ,our LOVE been strong until we never realize that,it will be something strong nightmare is coming to get us...When I hold her hand ,she let me go.When I hug her she push me away..The nightmare that chassing us laugh at me,I don't know what to do but one thing I know that I will pray to ALLAH S.W.T for forgiveness and guidance.Be a good men so that you can teach your wife ,son and daughter to success in dunia and akhirat..=)

Mood:smiling +learning to be a good men..=)
Action:Knowledge is important ,don't stop searching for what you want until you get it!motivated

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