Thursday, September 1, 2011

Short Story -LOVE ( Heart to Diary)

The story is about LOVE for sure! ;)
When I open My Diary is all about you ,when I think of something you will be in my mind,Can I stop thinking about you ,If my Heart is a player ,Yes! sure I can,but it's not ,that's why it's still playing like usual.When I see a beautiful view,you will be there too in blur,who are you? my little heart still asking..(Rain fall from the sky ). I should go back to my hotel before I get wet...
there are nothing to do now juz get a good nap,before dinner....(Cellphone Ring)..

Me : Hello
Caller: Hi !
Me :Hi..(I start smiling,I recognize her voice), to long..
Caller :Sorry ! I have busy Life since I join this how are you?
Me : I'm fine .....the conversation continue until I realize it's already 2am...Love really can make us do crazy things without we realize it!...she the girl that I mentioned in the diary,I never met her in my life , only I know she know about me ,but I don't know her!...skip my dinner and I went to sleep..zzZZ

(Cellphone Ring)..Hello..Sleeping mood..
Caller: Wake up ! Is already 8am!
Me: So? I'm on vacation,nothing to worried about.huhu
Caller : I'm at the lobby now,Now you have something to worry about?
Me: What??!!Are you joking?
Caller : I'm serius,get down here before I change my mind.;)

I get up and start doing everything quickly before it's to late.( my little heart still asking how she know I'm here)...Walk to the lift my hand holding the diary that I want to give her so long .2 years I'm waiting for this day happen,Now it's happen truly!when I arrived at the lobby I 'm shocked with the person or the dream girl that I'm fall in love for..
Me : You liyana..
Liyana: (she give a smile to me, the smile that only lucky guy can have)..;)

I never realize that I fall in love with the girl that always beside me ,the girl that always annoying me... We sit by the beach and I gave her my diary..she open the diary and want to read,I juz close the diary and ask her to read after this..with a smile..=)
she smile back and we start enjoying the beautiful view that day...After 2years we get married..=')
From Diary to a Real Life , I see her now and my love is only for her ..I LOVE you Liyana .I have best buddy and Best wife forever until my last breath....=')

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