Monday, March 5, 2012

Only One & Only

The Only One In the Million , take time to get her ..=)
It's Not Easy to search for the girl that you want to spend you're rest of life with ,But My friends say you can use kaedah 'Try N Error'..I said 'Women Human too Bro'. He said ' Come On Men ,That's How It should be Done' should I reply?? No Idea ,Lets go to the point !;)

When I see You ,I remember 1st time I drop My Ice Cream on your shoe,you face change ,That's the first day I met you ,Ingat x?saat you malu2 dengan I ,When You at the beach playing with your Dream Castle ,My intention is to build my castle Beside but end up falling on your Dream Castle,I don't what to say but I really didn't mean too..You look at me with hateful..

That the last day I met you ...I miss you so much ,I search ( I also search in google,truth.huhu;) )for you but I don't get the opportunity to say sorry to what I did at the beach , 20 years went like that ,I didn't quit Loving You until Now .Friday 3.50pm Someone drop Ice Cream on my shoe ,she said 'sorry I didn't mean to '..Me: It's ok ,just a little drop (while cleaning my shoe)..when I get Up see her face I realize that something n somewhere I have seen her,what a surprise is the girl I Love (Miracle )..
Me: You from..
She: I know You ,you the guy that take my castle away from me..
Me:wow! You remember me even Its been so long ??.
She : I look for you after I pindah g KL ,but I can't find you ..
Me(to many surprise ): What??for what ?...
She : For what ??are you serious??.
Bertentang mata sudah nmpk segalanya yg tertulis di hati bersinar di mata ,that's TRUE LOVE ,Bukan cinta NAFSU ,I'm Saying TRUE LOVE here !Let's go to the next level 'kahwin Sudah ',allhamdulillah cinta ini sangat indah (pandangan masing2 but still I think like this better then cinta sana sini end up in the BREAK what ? You Think LOVE is something like smester break ,Today your break ,Tommorow You get New One : SORRY TO SAY I'm not like You ,I Don't Care About what you think,I only Care What Allah s.w.t think about ME ).Ask yourself? ;)

Dedicated For The Lovers Out there..;)
Mood: Short Love Story 'Indah Katanya'..=)

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