Saturday, January 10, 2009

Project Managment

hi smoa!!sihat...hope u all well when read my post..x tau nk uat pe...minggu dpan will start new project..
Start studying in project managment...Aku msuk bidang computer but now I must learn about managment..could I suceeding in this subject...I have 3quiz,3presentation(1 individual,2group),1 test...
erm....where should I start..1stly I borrow my sis managment book..start studying something important part for this year...after 30 minutes,I understand some of the topic in managment such as scope,quality,cost n project goals..If ur project manager don't have a goal before start the scope..
100% the project will be failed.....After I finish studying managment..I start to learn about Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Professioanal 2007.
Microsft Office Project Protfolio server 2007 helps your organization realize its potential by identifying, selecting, managing, and delivering portfolios that align with your strategic priorities.Some of the application ,I don't understand...BOOM!!!

I start listening music,before effect by serius killer call' STRESS'..hhuhuu

This list of music I listen:-

SoundGarden - Black hole Sun

-Fell on Black Day

Blink 182 -Adam Song's

-I Miss You

-The Rock Show



Simple Plan-The Worst Day Ever

-Welcome to My life

many more, If I list all of the songs that I listen before I sleep ,it will take a this is some songs that I always LOVE IT!!!..

Have A Nice Day..=)


Anonymous said...



boleh la ajar aku project management nnt..

Mawar Kenyalang said...

yuhuu..ok da..kot..
take it easy ek..

Anonymous said...

nash:klau phm,x der hal r..huhu