Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Advice 1

One way straight to gun shoot!don't ever choose wrong way that's the way to hell is not time to play around..hit ur head to make a clear view !u know what I'm saying don't hope for nothing !let the hope in ur hand like ur controling everything,brain never give damn about U ,unless u do !do what ever to get on the line start with praying and do the best to get through the problem ..don't sit around and blame others!give chance to urself to get through all this,YOURSELF know better then others...start packing everything that make ur life worst throw it away make it disapper..that's day i will come to u and say ..'I do everything special for u,look at me now! ,u my only one that I will be together in this earth '...'If I'm wrong ..Staring today I will ride my own Life without nothing on my hand..shall I !!make it look like everything ok..

MooD:Energy Pil On other hand
Action:Free advice

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