Thursday, November 4, 2010

LoVe Story Part 2

My key to happines is in her 'hand'now, as Usually my life: I get up from my bed + ate my breakfast (of course lie) + get my shower = Ready For My New Day ..=)
Love Story Part 2 begun ....
I start everything with my heart, That's me ...;)
7am, I start my workout at Tasik Titiwangsa .. fresh morning air is hard to get! only see oldies doing 'YOGA' and 'TAI CHI'..After I finish my work out,as usually I will sit near the lake and have good air..times up!
BusTop is my first place to go when I went out..bad luck ,I don't see her ..get back home ,HANDPHONE RINGTONE: oh oh oh..she starin at me,Im sittin,wonderin what she's thinkin...

Me :yup.
Neyo :kat mn?
Me :kl
Neyo :free x nk mintk tolong belikan laptop,kat low yat?
Me :no problem, I meet u there!
Neyo :terima kasih kawan adios.tuut..

I take putra and switch to another train at kl sentral,went I arrive I already see my friend Neyo ..start searching good laptop for him,Finally I found it ..everything change...suddenly my heart beats fast!..wondering what happening to me??..I act like everything is under control..stop thinking about my problem and help my friend get his new notebook..after gettin him the new notebook,neyo had to back ..I have nothing to do if I go home earlier so I plan to hang out at sungai wang...while sitting,i turn my mp3 on...can see people neglected around me(u can laugh on ur own when seeing them) ..suddenly I can feel my heart beats fast again ! I thaught it will never happen to me again,but now Its starting again..what make feel me fell like this?Do I have heart disease?(keep askin on my own) of my heart is speeding up again ,belive it or not I should say that I seeing her beside I know why my hearts beats like that..=)

She saw me starin at her ,her smile get to me again..

Me :Hi..=)
She: still smiling ..
Me :how are you?
She:still smiling..

nothing then smile..i ask myself(do i look funny to her)..someone come near me,her friend ..i was shocked..when they communicate using their are hand...she can't talk that's why she always smile when talk to her..before she leave she gave me a note......I falling love with the girl that can't talk..

Meet me at Mcd Sungai wang ,11am 8.11.2010

Miracle happen when it come for 'LOVE'

to be continue...

Mood :Starving
ActIon:searching for FooD while eating my friend chicken chop..=D