Monday, June 6, 2011


Hi this is the place where I write something inside or outside of my life.Friday is my bad day when i know my result isn't good,i can't sleep ,can't eat and my mind full of STRESS imagination.What should I do?what can I do? I can't rewind back the time to get the score...haizz...disappointment is everything that happening in my life..I only have last chance this short smester..I will focus for this short smester ! I will do My Best to get my CGPA grade higher!I will do my best for my study !I am the GUY that NEVER GIVE UP!If a genius take 1 minute to solve the math problem,I take 15minute solve it but most important things that I learn by walking through my life ,I will never give up on myself!Maybe I don't have a good support beside me but i know I can create one to make myself MOTIVATED! Thus out there ,don't give up whatever that you are doing!

MooD : Concentrate is important..=')
Action :Doing my BEST!


bro@stokisonline said...

ur right...whats important is to keep trying n don't give up

Anonymous said...

thanks for reading bro..=)