Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadhan Diet Plan

Assalamualaikum and Hi..=)
It's been long time that I never update my blog and juz looking in my chatbox and then log out.The reason why didn't update my blog is because I'm Focusing all my hours in Ibadah and Building my muscle,I wrote everything in my book..=)
Yeah!For muslims Their know how important this month is,Ramadhan That we waiting for had arrived,Allhamdulillah I'm doing my best in my Ibadah..=')
For this month I take my month off for my muscle building,I also have my new Diet Meal Plan for fat loss..=)
This is my Diet Plan : -

Meal 1
Brocolli,2Fruits,Oat meal,Milk,Kurma

Meal 2
Coffee +Milk,3Egg white

Meal 3
1pack Animal Cut,1.5liter Water,Fruits
After 1hour(Workout For 1 Hour)

Meal 4
2scoop of Protein,3Egg White ,Milk

Meal 5
1Multivitamin,6Tablet of Spirulina,Oat +Milk

I will add extra fish ,chicken breast or meat.
Now I Like to add some almonds,peanut Butter(pure) and Dark Choclote in my diet plan.=)

I'm doing fat loss plan for this month because,I can't work hard building muscle but I should focus doing in my Ibadah this month=')

Insyallah after Ramadhan month I will start my building muscle plan..;)
For thus who want to loss weight,this is the good month to do it!My advice is stop eating white rice and start taking brown rice only one small cup per day,because I have been not eating rice for two month and the result is I juz lost 4kilo,I also get rid of sugar,oil and it's make me feel good.=)
I'm not asking to stop eating rice at the day you start fat loss plan,I know you can't because rice is part of your life since you were kids in Malaysia.Juz try slowly to stop eating white rice and replace it with oat,brown rice,vegetables ,fruits and most important is your protein..=)
If you want to loss weight let me know I can teach you how to loss weight in good way if you really want to loss all the fats that not making good for us!=)

Mood : Ibadah Is more Important then anything else,.=')
Action: Thinking of LOVE Story that I like to Write in this lovely Blog,insyallah..=)

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