Friday, October 22, 2010

LOve Story

hi,today I don't have class but I came early to meet my friend.My reason to meet him is to get fitness pro,protein as u all know I getting serius in my bodybuilding..but I could't get the protein today,I should wait until this monday...

I'm sitting in library without any direction....1st of all I open my facebook ..nothing they that make me interesting today...but what make me intersting today is my friend beside me...He have test today but still playing facebook,he don't know how important education to him but what to do??His life not mine rite..asa friend I only can advice him..=D (aku pn 2x5 je .)..thingking what should I write..hurm...How about love story??let my hEart do everythin..=)

Watching someone near bangsar bustop,I do wonder she already have a boyfriend or not??When I look at her I can't stop my eye from watching her..She walk away from the bustop when someone came to her and stir her...I miss my beauty queen today because of the stranger!!My bus arrived shortly after the incident,watching her in the bus while she walking..even she disappear from my view ,I'm still thinking about her! Do I have chance to see her again??
The next day I saw her again lucky day!I sat beside her,she never realise my exist..I pretending like I'm not watching her,suddenly my eyes watch at the same time she turn to me too with a smile..=)
I love her smile...I never forget that smile,every time I think her..I will smile..=))

LOve chanGes Our View,
LOvE can maKe everything Change In A Second,
Cry ,lAugh ,everything came from your Heart,
Stop loving Like Stop breathing,
Open Your Heart wiTh Full of Colour,
Make it Colourful Always..

To be cOntinue.....

If my grammar is not good please let me know,I LOve to learn..;)

Mood :Writer
Action: Writing With smIle...=)


♥chubbycekelat ♥ said...

dari mate turun ke hati. ecececeh. hehe xP

Anonymous said...

cinta jadi cintan cik chubby..huhu;D

Anonymous said...

cinta jadi cintan cik chubby..huhu;D

Sheena Saini said...

okay.. meh sini i betulkan..
I arranged it this way.. hope u like it!!

Hi all! I don't have any classes to attend today, but i went to college anyways to meet up a friend of mine for the Protein Pro protein mix. I guess all of you are aware by now that i'm getting serious in this body building thingy. Unfortunately, i couldn't get it today, so i'll just have to wait for Monday then.

I decided to do some facebook-ing in the library since i was bored to death and there was absolutely nothing else to do. Evidently, there was nothing interesting there too.. :(

The only interesting thing about today is that my friend who's sitting for a test today, is sitting next to me, engrossed in his facebook too instead of studying for the test. Owh well.. It's his grave that's his digging, not mine. (I am guilty of that too sometimes).

Suffering a major writer's block, i decided to write a love story.. Just letting it pour from the heart..

Here goes...

There's this cute gal that i've been eyeing for sometime now. It's always at the same spot; the Bangsar bus-stop. I keep wondering to myself (and never dared asked her) if she already has a boyfriend. I seriously can't get my eyes off her. Its something about her that catches my fancy. i'm not sure what it is, but she mesmerizes me.

Busy in my gaze, deep in thoughts. i was surprised to see her walking away when a douchebag approached her and made a pass a her. Arrrgh! Why did he have to ruin my moment?! My bus arrived shortly after and even from inside the bus, i couldn't help but to gaze at her, even from a distance till i lost her in sight. Will i ever see her again? I can't seem to get her out of my head!

Thank my lucky stars i saw her again the next day! I sat right next to her and didn't wanna make it obvious that i was actually jumping with joy (my heart that is), i stole a glance. My heart jumped a beat when she actually looked back in turn and we smiled. That smile... A smile that i will never forget and shall cherish for a long time, especially when i think of her. When i'm having my moments.. I will smile..

Sheena Saini said...

Hope u like it!!

Anonymous said...

thank u so much,i like it!=)
I give u 5start for that..;)