Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday LifE

hi ,six month I never seen my friend 'mat'.Today I get call from him(conversation) :

Mat: Roy ade mana?

Me:Ade hostel ,xuat pe?

Mat:dah lama x jumpa ,jom kuar,kak hana pn ade?


Mat:aku dtg ambik ko.


15 minit later he already came to take me ,we hang out at mamak stall at jalan telawi.I start remember all the crazy stuff that we done together..=)
Old memories come quickly in my mind ,I thought I'm still studying with him..but I realize it's all end already. He working at the same place where we done our WBL.Everything going according to the plan.Insyallah everything is gone be ok..

MoOd: Never Stop Smiling
Action:eating cak keow tiao basah ,drinking teh tarik while writing

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