Saturday, October 9, 2010

My chinA MobiLe Is BaCk

I left my blog quiet for so long ,when I get to on9..I only open my facebook and my email.=0

As I always mention to you all ,I like to write and never stop writing until now.Trying to get my own diary ,but not now..kind of busy with my final exam +project..after that I free !!=D
What should I write ???My life..;)

I already Fix my china mobile !!!=)
that's means I can start hearing song when someone call me,although unusual for you all for me Its important..;) (life without music is boring.)..
Can't wait For my New ....... Transform??? wait and see..=)

MooD : happy + Trying to solve everything
Action: memorize mandarin


liaNa said...

weLcome bacK :)))

Anonymous said...

thanks lia..=)