Thursday, January 20, 2011

Me ,Myself And I

hi there!I thaught I have class today,but have been cancel..waiting for solat jumaat 12.30pm..I'm here at the library.I like to write about what I see when I arrive at putra station near my home 7.00 am.I get up earlier so that I can ride with my dad to the putra station but my class start at 8.30 I start waste my time at the putra station while watching people + with they act..It's really not boring..they act always make me smile ..=)

I'm watching them 7.00am until 8.00am,many of them rushing to work,really pack at this station ,every 50 second the train arrive,people still non stop coming my station always crowd..but I always manage to get my place near the door..huhu=D

The view is beautiful,I decide to get my breakfast they before i get to my class.As I always mention the morning is always give me a good mood..U can scold me + scream at me = Im still smiling..that's me when I wake up in the morning..;)

I care everything that happen in my life,but i can't make them smile always...I love to make others smile,if I can I want the whole people in this universe can smile always,so that I can get my smile 24 hours stick to my face..


MooD:Happy + grateful with what I have..=)
Action:Like to write a short story nex time..;)

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