Friday, December 3, 2010

CameROn Highlands Trip..Enjoy It!

My sister get back to kl..without her now I can't get connection with world wide Web juz for this month went I get back To Uni,I will get everything..;)
For My holiday I went To cameron higlands,I was surprise with the place tottaly change,because of the illegal logging!Before this the place are very cool now its not like the first day I came...

Orkid Farm!

With My Mom!

My Mom ,Sis N Me at Orkid Farm!

Bee Farm!

FresH TomaTo!

Nice View..;)

Cactus Farm!I get mY new cactus For my RooM.

Nice Posing dear!huhu..=D

AcTion: Facebuku ..=)
MooD: Body Building+ eating meat without stoping!= Pushup!

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