Sunday, December 19, 2010

Workout 11 days moRe

hi!can't sleep so I start to write,my feeling today is normal and I'm acting normal..What I did yestrday= I get up at 8.ooam ,brush my teeth and get my shower .Now I ready to go for my day without nothing..I start playing my dumbell,until I 1.00pm...after I finish my exercise ,getting my lunch nasi briyani + nasi briyani = 2plate..I ate my sister briyani too,feel guilty! =0
I'm getting my muscle done the problem is now I'm eating to much until I can't stop!After I do mY workout ,I will eat a lot..until I can't see a food at the kitchen then I stop eating..My goal can't be done until I didn't stop control my food ..If you want to get your shoulder and chest be done it's easy but for get your six's really tough without controling sugar+salt!I'm doing sit up but until now no changes I can see...using dumbell you can do your hold body workout but for me equipment that use in a gym can give more impact to your muscle and much easier to get your muscle done.I have 11days more to get this I start by stop taking my coffe drink+rice+meat and only vegetables + fruit + egg +chicken can help me to get this workout done!Today is my first day following this step ,I start focusing on my abs for my shoulder and chest I already finish ..I can't wait to get my workout at the gym with my friends..=)

Mood :Workout!
Action: Morning air can make you smile..=)

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