Saturday, December 25, 2010

My day 26 Nov 2010

hi!I can't do anything without limitied connectivity broadband,I told my younger sister don't open YOUTUBE!!and she won't listen now because of her I can't Blog + Facebook+my study +my email.It's takes half an hour to open my facebook,for my blog..arghh!!I can't see my chat box until I refresh 15 times and wait for it...can't read others post +can't open new tab and only can open 1page!!
But what to do??the more you say the more they do rite?

I will read every blog entry after I pay the broadband bills ..for now I only can write +write ..
For this week Its really pack I should get ready for my next sem ,I'm taking OOP (object oriented programing) subject.For your information(FYI) ,I had transfer my PCP(Principle Of Programing)..this is the basic java programing.The things is I had transfer my basic subject and go for the tough one for next sem,without basic I have no idea how to do the project for the subject..I never take java programing since in certificate because I have been taken IT course so most of my subject is focusing in hardware stuff,but now I'm doing networking engneering system .Most of my subject is using coding..I hate coding because I can't see what I'm doing until my coding is finish or your system is done but I should be used to it now .Learning new things is the best !When you get to know more,then you will get your brain in normal condition..;)

MooD:Teh tarik + nutella =nyum2!
Action:Watching Movie while riding=)


Anonymous said...

pity ohh U..hehehe...xpa2, nnti hujung bulan byr balik..mesti connection laju balik.. ^^

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for that day bro..;)