Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Today I like to share basic biceps workout that will get you the muscle growth on biceps part.After done stretching for 15 minutes, starts your biceps workout with:-

One: Chin-Ups
Main body part concentrate in this workout lats, but when you start from chin up, you will realize that your bicep muscle growth faster than using other workout. I had been doing research about muscle and I train myself to see the result and I found out that my muscle really get stretch when I do chin up. This happen because when your full body weight is support by full arm and when you pull up your body, you will notice that your biceps muscle getting the stress to growth. Do this for 3 sets, each for 12 reps.

Second: Preacher Curls
For this workout you get your back of your arms on the pad. Adjust the seat so that your bicep really on the position. When you pull up the barbell, make sure push harder when barbell at the upper position. Do 4 sets, each for 12 reps

Third: Reverse-Grip Cable Curl
With this workout you will improve your grip strength. To hit “brachioradialis” the large muscle on top of your forearm. By doing this reverse grip curl you will get growth the muscle at that part. Do 4  set each 12 reps(for first time just do 10 reps its harder but make sure you  go to lower rep to higher reps ,don’t ever think about stay on comfort zone).

Fourth: Dumbbell or Barbell Curls
The favourite biceps workout among bodybuilder. Grab a barbell or dumbbell loaded with weight, with your palms facing outward. To get serious on this, you just need to lower the barbell or dumbbells very slowly and you feel the burn quickly. Do 4 sets, each for 12 reps

Fifth: Bicep Curls Machine 
I hit machine last because you will fill really tired and entering zone that you need support so the best is bicep machine curl. It’s really focused on your biceps and give good stress to get muscle growth. Do 4 sets, each for 12 reps

This workout had been really work for me, now I’m not in this workout anymore because I already in mixing every workout at once. Make sure you don’t work out with same workout routine more than 2 or 3 weeks, this because when you do the same workout in long period your body will use to it and muscle wont growth anymore. End your workout with stretching again.


Bartholomew Tu said...
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Suki said...

I gave up reading so many stuffs without doing the actual thing with a human. I have hired a bodybuilder instead.

Ruff Low said...

Suki :Its you that choose your on path,maybe you dont achieve anything from my entry but remember this 'I Believe Somebody Will and I will Inspire Everyone in This World',btw thank you for the comment..=)

Shashi Suryawanshi said...

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