Saturday, June 15, 2013


Triceps workout is the most important workout that should not miss! Why? The largest muscle group on your arms is triceps! Working on them will make you get guns look bigger arm. Start with stretching!

One: Weighted Dips

Muscle improved by providing resistance that’s why always change workout plan and don’t stick same workout plan for too long. Primary source is by adding weight, weighted dips increase the resistance on the muscles. You can do weighted dips like the picture given or use two benches, placed 3-5 feet apart. Sit on one bench with your heels resting on the other (adjust the distance according to your height).Using your arms to support your weight. Now, slowly lower yourself until the bend of your elbows reaches 90 degree angle. Maintain stress and push yourself back up arms until your arms are completed extended. Do 4 sets, each for 12 reps

Second: Close Grip Bench Press

For this workout keep the elbows close to the body, with the hands more than a foot apart. Begin with arms fully extended and lower the weight toward the lower part of the chest slowly while keeping the elbows tucked in. Do 4 sets, each for 12 reps

Third: Seated Triceps Extension

For better result, make sure you focus each arm without both arm .Raise the weight up and behind the head. While holding the dumbbell, carefully lower it behind your head. Try to avoid over-exertion of the triceps during the workout. Repeat it for 4 sets, each for 12 reps

Fourth: Rope Pushdowns

Use machine for this workout. When pulling the weight with the rope, it’s important to keep your arms locked at your sides while keeping your back straight. If you release your arms, twist or bend your back you will start using your shoulders and back to push the weight, giving little gain to your triceps. Do 4 sets, each for 12 reps

Don’t forget to stretch again to end up the workout!


Honeybee GB said...

Is there any easier tips for girls?


Ruff Low said...

Have exercise using lite weight dumbell ,I will do new entry for that,stay tune honey + thanks for reading..=)