Friday, March 18, 2011

MY New Beauty QUEEN

hi!with my busy LIFE,I can't think to write anything in this blog but now even I have exam and quiz I like to post this good news!!I get my new beauty 'MUSCLETECH "MASS TECH"'!! I mean my lovely protein had arrive today!I can't wait to drink it before my workout with this new product that can help me gain on my CHEST & ARM bigger !

My workout,allhamdulillah everything going as I plan,but for my study is bad .That's my fault ,when I didn't understand topic in the subject ..I will ignore it and go to the next topic until I didn't realize that I had full of box in my mind that I do not understand!I should start doing something before it is to late..=(

MOOD :Happy plus worry ..=)(
ACTION:DOing bench press while seeing FACEBOOK..=)

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