Sunday, March 27, 2011


hi there! I juz watch talentime movie,1st of all I thought the story is comedy ,but after the end I realize the story has sad part ..I get one thing in my mind when I watch this movie,my day with my friends at school..I remember the day when negaraku song played but I ingnore it and run away from my discpline teacher that waiting for the song finish and to punish me..but he didn't caught me!huhu..=D
The day I learn break dance ,my friend try do some surprise in the end his pants had been ripped!=D
laugh and laugh ,that's I remember every sweet moment ,sad moment =twisted together ,world is full of memories that we can't erase it out...=)

I love my life is going well,everyone get whatever they want in this world at least one things a day!

Mood:In writing mood..=)
Action:Coffee + extra milk = is good for ur health when u read the ingredients 1st!..;)

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