Monday, March 28, 2011

My life

hi there! sitting plus waiting for the page facebook to open,but still can't login...I don't what to say about the connection in my campus ..=+

So today is tuesday,tommorow I should take my rapid student pass,to solve my $$$ problem.=) Something interesting this sem happening in my LIFE ,I happy for myself that's happening again..;)

My muscletech supplemnt had finish again,now I like to get back to GASPARI NUTRIOUN 8000max back into my workout ! Recovery is important when we doing bodybuilding,that's why bodybuilder will search for the amino acids product to build they muscle into a good shape!=) amino acids is the main function that build block for protein ,when it build up then u can see your muscle grow ..

allhamdulillah everything is going in good progress..=) My main play for this month 'bench press',I want to put extra focus to my chest..=)

Action: Try to know 'who am I'..+)

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