Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update BLOG

Hi good morning!..=)
Today I have my morning class but it has been cancel,everytime I arrive at the campus,I will receive massage from my friend saying that' Klas cancel',I already arrive so have no idea what to do because my next class is 4.30pm and the class is only one hour.Sometimes I feel My day with DREAMING in the libary!I mean sleeping ..huhu=D
Of course I'm not comfortable to sleep there,so I juz walk at lobby to see who can I meet..sometimes I get to hang out with my best friend..=)
But I take this opportunity to do my workout ..I already have my own time table :-
• Day 1 - Chest, back, abdominal muscles, and cardiovascular exercises (MONDAY)
• Day 2 - Day off
• Day 3 - Shoulders, legs, abdominal muscles, and cardiovascular exercises (WEDNESDAY)
• Day 4 - Day off
• Day 5 - Biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles, and cardiovascular exercises(FRIDAY)
• Day 6 - Day off
• Day 7 - Day off

Mood : =)
ActioN:Gettin banana + orange = into my stomach..+)

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