Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rufflow Track 1

100% Allah swt  given us the Character And Script,
Our Job Is To Follow It Wihout Mistake ,
You want Something,
YOU get It ,
But Dont Regret  Ever Because You Not Exist,
Playing  Guitar But Still Thinking is You,
I’m Invisible ,never let Me down ,
Because I ‘m Not Exist play my music ,
listen to the truth thats what we should do,
Corruption I’m Coming For You,
Haters I’m Coming For You ,
Keep You Head  UP  When I reach You ,
I’m Gonna BANG You Out!Silent Yourself  When I’m Talking So That You know who YOU ARE,
Dont Ask Juz Follow at the end your answer will “ I’m NOT EXIST” .Never Ever Regret Still Thinking The Same VISION- REMARKBLE-

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