Monday, December 24, 2012

Rufflow Track – Let it UP

They wanna us stay at the ground,
Command With  Bad language ,
Make us hate each other !
Thats how system want to be,
You won’t get me ,my head have been  Brainwash  !
Dont ever near me because I capable of changing you  to dust!
Haters come nonstop! Still  I’m  Showing the PEACE sign ,
Never cut it out ,Its how its work in my program,
Throwing  every negatives image   each others ,I’m still coming to clean it up!
Even I’m  not from yor family,Im still see it only ONE exist,
Never had this Gut!but every time  I wake up my goal speak clearly !I’m coming UP!
Watch me I’m coming up!Without  fear I’m coming up!
Hit n run to many to hear,I image  the newspapers story to my smilling icon ,
Dont be THE JOKER but be the human that should be ,
No need to show in outside ,because inside is everything..
Juz watch I coming up..

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