Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rufflow Track – HIGH LeVel(No Winner or Loser)

Little or big ambition must not stop chasing,
I won’t let go,even I get push down ,I know how to get up lay HIGH,
You don’t know what I capabale of ,thats what I’m trying to say,
Juz shut up and watch me  climb  HIGH,
High level is everything,
No one can get high ,Thats how they play it!
Im reaching HIGH still  You Reaching higher  than me,
No winner ,No Loser !
Thats how it role without  Knowing what,
Dipersilakan naik ATAS,ops sori  sila jalan dulu saya ikut kemudian,
Permainan yang kekal ,tiada pemenang dalam reality yang ku kenal,
Buka mata masih tak dapat lihat,
Thats What Im saying ,let it go ..
Let it go juz walk thru every level like playing video game without know what is the END.

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