Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rufflow Track – What Big

Big Boy need Lamborgini car,
Big boy need rolex diamond watch,
Big boy need everything shine in the hood they play role like 100 million owner,
Still had nothing ,
Still  making same mistake,
Making laugh at others feeling like a KING,
Still end up NOTHING,

Listen while you had ears, Read while you can see,feel it !
Diamond ,gold  nothing  for me,
Everything Is The One  For Me,
Syukur allhamdulillah Still breathing  and appreciate what have been given,
Walking  Thru Without Fear ,
Thats how I do it,
When comes the challenge,
I give back  everything to the one,
Because I Know ,24 Hours I’m  Not EXIST,
Keep Your head down  let the spirit rise ,
Let  The spirit ,Let it out
Flying high, up and up!
Goin thru the Star ..Lets Ride thru everything to find the ONE(ALLAH s.w.t)
Throw all the DUNYA Things thats play in your mind ,
Lets focus on Allah swt  100%!

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