Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rufflow Track 3 –Another World

When I Sleep  ,I’m went to another  World That really nice to me,WHAT?
I’m not telling truth ?Yeah whatever!
Still doin Something Invisible so that I can FLY High,
Done Something  Wrong,BLACK VISIBLE,
Done Something Rite,WHITE VISIBLE,
I’m Not Lying see it thru Yourself,
You look inside ,
Well Look it inside ,
Superman always rite ,’I’m doin Good’
Is it good example for Our child!No thats What I say,
Make It LOVE  thru inside ,Let it shine on OUTside,
Life Is GOOD but still Banging It in WRONG reverse SONG,
Laugh  It Loud ,Because I’m Keeping  My Head Down  With thinking The Only ONE

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