Sunday, May 26, 2013


     They are too many diet plan that you can get nowdays, so which is the best diet plan that work for you? How do you know which is good for you? Dont just ask nutrition planner and follow thru until end. What you should do is follow the diet plan given and see the result ,track it so that you know whether its work for you or not. If the diet don’t work for your body, change the diet plan .When you get the diet plan that work for you stick to it  to get bigger result. You won’t see result in short term when you following any diet plan, so make sure you spend at least 1 month  to see the transformation.

    Firstly you should start with people that inspire you and motivate you so that you won’t give up in following the diet plan. Without motivation it’s not easy to follow thru every  day, so make sure you get closer to the people that motivate you. Ask them to help track your diet plan calories and meals that you consume each day. Get connected with good recipes  ,I mean the recipes that don’t add extra sugar ,sodium, oil and fats. Let’s talk about portion of food that you should consume, if you planning to lose weight make sure you eat 5 meals per day with small portion, don’t add extra carbohydrate and drink lot of water (consume 3 or 4 liters everyday).For the person that want to gain weight make sure to consume 5 or 6 meals with big portion, add extra carbohydrate to the menu and don’t forget to drink 3 or 4 liters water every day.

      It’s simple for you to create your own diet plan when you know the benefits of each foods .For example  ,orange  rich in vitamin C .You should consume  2 oranges to get nutrition in your body system everyday .When you know the benefits of foods like I mention , you can change  to variety foods and stick to the nutrition balance every day .

      Don’t ever take fast food in your life !(that’s what I love to say but not easy to get you in it rite ,so see the mirror and say that’s how I look like when consuming fast food!!no thanks).Fast food had been problem for us since day 1  we attend primary school.Fast food such as  burger is the best and famous in Malaysia when I’m young, now burger “bakar” is the famous. 

      How we gone eat healthy food when you surrounded with fast food and junk foods??Mind set!!yes mind set!!change your mind set and stay focus on your diet plan ,what people say is not important ,the most important part what you think about it ,What will happen when you consume to many fast food and junk food? Obesity that’s what! The famous health problem leading in hold world. So make sure you never regret with what you do and give the best you can to get the best for you and the world. I know that’s not easy to follow every meal, but remember that with these proper meals your body and mind will be healthier. 

 If you want free diet plan, leave your email at the comment below or you can email me at to get it for free ,thank you .

Easy Steps :-

  •          Set goal
  •         Make diet plan
  •        Track down every week
  •        Do it again and again and stick to it if its work for you!

Look yourself in  the mirror and ask yourself what you want to be, don’t ever compare to other, always compare yourself!!

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