Monday, May 27, 2013




   When I hit the gym ,I always see basic mistake that will be done by people .Sometime I approach them and let them know and sometime I won’t because they (Doing like A PRO).I don’t want you to be the person that always  acting like a pro but you not at all. So basic mistake that you will do, never stretch before workout and end up get serious injured so do the stretching for 15 minutes or more, because good stretching help to growth your muscle too. Secondly, you don’t have your tracking plan that will lead you to failure. Without workout tracking plan, how do you know that you doing better than yesterday??So have your own tracking plan to get bigger result. Thirdly ,stick to the same workout plan.Dont ever stick to workout plan for so long ,because your muscle wont growth as body familiar with the stress you get from  the workout and you will not any result when that happen. So make sure change the workout plan every week.foutrthly, you don’t push enough and stick to comfort zone until end. You can’t stay on comfort zone when you want to growth your muscle .Push harder when you want to give up at last rep, don’t give up on that rep because on the last rep you will get result (the reps that you couldn’t push over that’s when your muscle tissue torn and get big when you consume good protein sources). Lastly, setting unrealistic goal, don’t aim high on first starting point.Make a small goal and follow thru to big goal that you set. Trust me many people face failure when they set they goal higher (slowly to the higher goal).Thanks for reading, let the mistake that we done past wont happen again.

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