Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Music Is My Swetheart!

Still learning to play Taylor Swift-Love Story , 12stones -Arms of Strangers and Three Days Grace -gone forever !
Now I can play song from Third Eye Blind -Jumper and Staind-Outside

I don't know who did to my sweetheart...those who know did this can call 999..urgEnt!huhu


Anonymous said...

ala ciannyew kat sweetheart dier..

SwEeTFoResT said...

sian nyer..tam la tuh..hehehe..g ketuk pale die..

Anonymous said...

dakcomey:tau xpe..ish2..huhu;)

sweetforest:dia x mengaku,ape kata ain srh dia ngaku..huhu;D

fiki wiki said...

gila stylo gambar