Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Never Ever Give Up In ur LIFE

Starting 3-06-2009 ,i really had a dizzy ...can't stop thinking about my problem..I could not solve my problem until now..allhamdulillah..I finish doin my 3 protfolio,now i have to do 3 more...Tommorow I have to do my group and individual presentation...Pn.Nani want us to present 8.30 a.m.. ..I have 1 test network security not done yet..
Ermmm....Talking about my study ,next week I will prepare myself to college.. I had house to rent at sabak bernam...not easy to get house for rent for guys there...now I'm trying to finish my protfolio...with my friend help I finish paste main title ,and Notes for supporting server , for 6 protfolio..
Thanks for all ur HELP...