Friday, June 19, 2009

Presentation Cancel

WOW!Today I should present about project management ,but our presention had cancel..cuz our format for this chapter is wrong...1stly i never understand about this subject but after Pn.nani explain to us about this...I understand what is project management..Now I should start back doin power point and sent it to Pn.nani..wHat ever challenge we received must undergone persistently!huhu...u know what I'm saying ..right?


cikYANchoco said...

relex la bro.. heeee lagi pon present nieyh send by email rite ?

SwEeTFoResT said...

dun no lorh..wat u saying ha??huhuhu..ampeh an ko nieyh..pas nieyh silap lg siap ar..paham kunun =P

SHAIKH said...

cikyancoco: yeezer..uat aku pnya skali ye.huhu

sweetforest:paham ..tapi x paham..anda paham?huhu;D

Anonymous said...
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